Chick and Dressler released from Riders

Both very surprising releases.
Even at their 30 plus years I expect both will be snapped up quickly.

Ya, they will be snapped up especially now that they have to re-negotiate a contract with a team.

Nobody wanted them at their current price.

Chris Jones said they couldn't renegotiate cap friendly contracts. I've seen the numbers for each reported somewhere between $200-240K. Both are still productive players, 11 sacks and just under 1000 yards receiving is nothing to laugh at. But I can't see too many other teams giving them contracts north of $200K again so they'll have to take a pay cut, just not with the Riders.

Sounds like the Riders have signed Shawn Lemon already to replace Chick.

they would both be back ups in Hamilton, so im sure Coach KA will pass.....

Have the Riders actually signed anyone yet? Chris Jones just seems to be cutting everyone. Reminds me of Homer.

Lemon (unofficially), Price, King, Derrius Brooks (pretty big pickup), Reyford (who will now likely be a starter)...a handful of others signed or re-signed (7 or 8 i think), but those are the highlights.

If Reyford even makes the club. He hasn't done much in his career, either his prior CFL stint or in his shots in NFL camps.

At any rate, I wouldn't get overly anxious about not signing anyone since CFL free agency is still a little under a month away.

Releasing Chick and Dressler now had as much to do with not wanting to pay them roster bonuses coming up as their salaries. Jones confirmed they had bonuses coming up. And when you think about it, it's a pretty shrewd move. 1. They're not Jones' guys so he has no loyalty to them like the fan base. 2. Other teams will fight amongst themselves to try sign them and whoever does has taken out a chunk of cap space to use once FA does happen. 3. when you consider what they gave Lemon to take Chick's spot, the financial savings will still allow them to sign at least 2 more key FAs. and 4. would not be surprised at all if Durant was net to be asked to take a paycut.

Are you really really sure?

CFL News ?@CFL_News 1h1 hour ago

.@rodpedersen told #Ticats likely destination for John Chick and perhaps #AlsMTL or #Argos for Weston Dressler. #CFL

With these salary dumps... just wait for the free agency frenzy. Jones will very likely go after many big names.

Salary cap be damned for the small resulting "penalty". Lesson learned when he prematurely jumped out of his contract with Calgary to go to Toronto and the small fine applied to the Argos for tampering.

[u]With Chick and Dressler purged from Riderville, is Durant next?[/u] [url=] ... rant-next/[/url]

The Ticats should have released Fantuz a few years ago at what he makes. But yes, surprising releases from the Riders for sure.

Nope. Large roster bonus paid tomorrow and he can not be cut until he is cleared.

They're both still very good players. Chick played on a horrible defense last year and Dressler didn't have much of a consistent QB situation to get him the ball. Chick had an incredible 2013 season when they actually had a formidable D. I hope both end up back in Saskatchewan, but that seems unlikely.

I’m sure they are hoping to land Harris, they will then attempt to trade Durant.

There won't be very many big names left hanging around and the few that are will not come any cheaper.

They still are on the hook for his roster bonus, which has been reported from 150-220. My understanding is it decreased through the contract, so 150 is likely fairly remember, the starting QB is essential their own contract plus that bonus...not sure Harris will be in the cards, but I would be no means think they are not looking at it...I have said in the past I think they will explore the potential. For me, Harris seemed to regress as the season went on, so it raised question marks. He started out blazing...he started how I anticipated...he never came close to maintaining that though. Jones has also always spoke very highly of DD and said he was near impossible to game plan I could easily them sucking up 1 year of contract and going from there. He is a FA after 2016 so...

I don't see them moving Durant. You need a starting QB in this league, and you aren't going to find better in free agency.

I say Weston Dressler will be signed by Winnipeg,replacing Nick Moore,who won’t be re-signed.


I would think the Bombers or Als are front runners. Als have Giguere either not returning or coming back for less, and probably at least one of Stamps and/or Lewis off the books.