Chicago Loves Their Bears

I'm in Chicago on business and I thought I'd try to nail a ticket for tonight's Bears/Chargers pre-season game. I went to the Bears Web site at my hotel and the only ones available for a PRE-SEASON GAME are worth $340. Anyways, I'm soon on my way downtown to find something cheaper in the hands of a scalper.

and that was in U.S. dollars!!!!


Tell'em you and Bob Swirsky are good friends. Daaaa Bearrrs!

Meh, the u.s dollar isn't that high anymore.

there were still tickets available?


No, he meant Bob Swirsky.

:o :o

This may very well turn out to be Bob's favourite post of all time......he'll probably refer to it everytime people complain about ticket prices.....hell, I would!

......just incredible! :roll:

Seriously, we have to feel lucky in the CFL to be able to afford to attend every game mostly.....even those of us who don't have much liquid cash at the end of the month....(me for sure) :cry:

...thanks for that info from "Chi-town" :thup:

He should be able to get in for 20 bucks for a ticket outside if he knows how to negotiate. I have been to many NFL games and never paid more than $40, including Chicago for a regular season game against the rival Packers, 3 seats for $60. The ticket websites are a scam.

I ended up getting a $60 walk-up ticket. The place was packed by the second quarter. What a beautiful stadium. If he hasn't already, Bob Young needs to visit. There are so many beer and food concessions that, even with 60,000 or more fans, there are few lineups. The outer rim is full of Bears history and the stadium is right on the lake. No Gardiner Expressway here! Awesome experience in Chicago!

Bob, being a longtime Packers fan, would probably get a kick out of that. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nothing like January in Soldier Field with the wind off the lake to remind you that only January in Lambeau is worse. LMAO

I have a NFL Films theme song playing in my head right now, so I will stop. :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,