Chewbacca's thread Sask vs Cal

Cause you all want to read my thoughts... LOL

  1. The refs did not cost us the game, but they do suck. A lot. The CFL refs are the crappiest I've ever seen. The flag on Benefield? Pure garbage. The early whistle on the fumble? Laughable. There were also some holds missed both ways. Let the players decide the game. The refs did not cost Sask the game, but they sure lessened the enjoyment of the game.
  2. Burris played well. For 30 minutes. Yet the Rider D really played well (they were out there so much). Am I right, no offensive TDs for Cal? When that happens, you should win.
  3. Riders will make the playoffs. Even if they lose in BC, no way is Ottawa going to beat MTL and TO, given their dog fight for first. So we're heading east, a division we have not fared well against this year.
  4. Someone put a crossing route in Sask's play book. The bread and butter of every team, we never do it.
  5. A real up and down game. Offensive really let us down today, and they know it. Defence played great as always. Special teams are coming around (nice FG by McCallum).
    That's a game Sask should have won. Now we have to cheer on Ottawa's opponents. Things are not looking great for the Riders. But, as they say, anything can happen the playoffs.

I liked how everyone in the world knows that the defence is going to make adjustments at half-time. Did our offence make any changes to reflect that? If not at the start of the 3rd, but maybe by the 4th? And why wouldn't they make changes for the 3rd, knowing that we had the wind in that quarter and needed to put some more points on the board?

Players needed to turn the ball over less, but stupid play calling hurt us more than anything else.