Chevon Walker?

Where is Chevon Walker? He was a force last year. Mistake not to play him if he is able. He helpes diversify the offence, helps Burris out. No running game hurts the Cats.

Walker should be the starter hands down, I really hope he sees the field this week.

I wasn't a big Chevy fan last year but Gable hasn't done a thing and after he dropped the winning pass in TO last week I would have handed the job back to Chevy. We need a spark so I'm really hoping we make the switch this week and see what happens.

If the Tiger-Cats are just not playing Walker they are crazy and it shows, if he's injured and they are not playing him they are not saying much, lots of info they are not saying and No one has asked Austin yet but I totally agree if Chevon Walker is healthy hands down he is a much better player than C.J. Gable and now in his second year, were as Gable is a rookie, who has not demonstrated any explosive rushing yards in two games, if he was great he would be closing in on 200 yards in two games, he's no where near that??

Gable has 10 rushes in 2 games. (37 yards) and 5 catches for 80 yards

The Tiger-Cats haven't even established a run game yet, so I think it's a little early to be throwing Gable under the bus.

Gable only had 6 rushes last game, and Lamar only 5. You'd think you'd try to run more in heavy rain.

The Toronto game shows 4 rushes for Gable, 4 for Lamar and 1 for Giguere.

So far, that's a neglected run game.

Do you think that the team should be totally transparent WRT injuries? Do you think that the opponents might game-plan differently if they know about ALL injuries?

Sounds like Walker finally gets to play with Gable hurt. Good news.

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I've not been overly impressed by CJ Gable since his fumble and play in the pre-season. If Walker is healthy, I would pick him over Gable.

Drew expects Walker to start in place of the injured Gable.

I guess today is the day to find out if Walker can run between the tackles. He hasn’t been good at that so far, ad he’s going to have to do it today.

The Bummers are strong on Defense,
I am hoping for a good game from Chevon statistically,
Runs and Screens.
But more importantly I am hoping he will protect Burris when needed!

You may have struck gold with your last statement. I'm guessing that Gable got the #1 running back job
because of Chevon Walker's inability to block. (up to now anyway) If he could add "blocking" to his
arsenal of weapons, he'd be the best back in the league.

Have to agree 100% on his blocking ability,fortunately its something that can be shown and taught,with extra work in practice.Its mostly fundamentals and technicue,get him the ball underneath,one and one,swing passes isolate him out in the flats,his speed should do the rest.Hopefully today with sunny skies and ideal conditions,he could be a game changer!! :smiley:

5 rushes for 13 yards
4 catches for 34 yards
and some atrocious blocking.

Not a fan (yet), but some good moves, and I believe that 15 to 20 touches would certainly be much more telling.

Can he get better? I hope so.

Right now, I prefer to see gable in there.

The guy was a bum last year and still is this year.
Burris is always beaten up badly when walker is playing.

Seven sacks last night, but I'd say only one of them was on him, maybe partially two.

  • Q1 9:57 - Screen - no blocking assignment.
  • Q1 9:25 - Delahunt set up way to far in, right behind he tackle, drawing Walker in as well. Hall beat him to the outside. That said, his block was pretty ineffective, hardly slowing Hall down at all.
  • Q2 11:40 - Total line failure. Walker quickly helped out at the first failure (RT), but then the rest of the line collapsed.
  • Q2 5:46 - Six man blitz. Walker picked up the first overload, but missed the late linebacker. Probably should have seen the threat.
  • Q4 13:51 - Screen - no blocking assignment.
  • Q4 10:45 - Lamar in for Walker. Very ineffective blocking.
  • Q4 7:18 - Lamar in for Walker. Screen - no blocking assignment.

I'd put the missed blitz on him, and the blown double-team partially on him, although that one's more on Delahunt.

Hey, great breakdown CatsFaninOttawa!

I give him credit for 2. To me, it's almost as if he was in Delahunt's way, so it looked to me that Walker not only missed the block, but inadvertently blocked out our other blocker in Delahunt. I dunno, whatever happened there it looked ineffective and awkward at the same time. I try to purge that play out of my memory.


Chevon Walker- 5'10"- 201lbs

Alex Hall - 6'6" - 256lbs
Hall has to duck and turn sideways to get thru a doorway!

That is a tough matchup for Chevon!

Best block I ever saw live was Andy Hopkins against Jim Stillwagen. They both were the same approximate sizes as Walker and Hall respectively. Hopkins got him at the knees flipping 68 over - landing on his back - I'm sure out of breath at the time. So yes, small can beat big. Size does not matter all of the time with proper technique. :wink: