Chevon Walker!!

I think if Chevon Walker stays healthy he is going to have a break out year as a Tiger-Cat. This guy has all the qualities of a good athlete speed, power, ability and is fun to watch as he pulls away from the defenders, just watch some of his video from last year the guy is a Big play maker. I would like to Chris Williams back but if for whatever reason he decides not to rejoin the Tiger-Cats I think Chevon will be the guy to step in on kick and punt returns, he has that ability to make others miss tackles and break away speed to get the job done!!

Should be a great year, can't wait, Go Get Em Tiger-Cats in 2013!!

For the first 6 weeks last year I thought he was the best newcomer I've seen come into the CFL for a good number of years.

Then the fall off-injuries etc. Plus he needs to become a better blocker to excel. But he's a talent.

Its hard for a rookie in the CFL to adapt to the pace of our game and season. If Williams does not return he could be the guy who benefits the most.

I agree, this could be a huge opportunity for Chevon Walker if Williams wins his arbitration or sits out this season.

Chevon Walker not only has blazing speed, he uses his blocking well and he’s shifty. I remember one home game last season where he caught a swing pass and left a defender flat footed on his way to the end zone.

I would love to see what he can do with a full season and some coaching under his belt, not to mention what Kent Austin’s scheming will bring.

Chevon Walker does everything well with the exception of blocking for other runners.

Hopefully, this will become part of his game this year.

His pass blocking was pretty decent, from what I saw. Not sure how often he was given a run blocking assignment, given that he was usually the only running back. On a reverse perhaps?

Kickoff returns too, of course. I don't remember how he did there. He would have been blocking for Giguere. Was it Chevy's poor blocking that prevented him from getting big returns, or Giguere's tendency to run straight ahead and try to muscle his way through?

Apart form his breakaway speed, I think he's an average running back.

He lacks the toughness of an Avon Cobourne and his ability to find and hit the hole.

I'm looking forward to watching Martell Mallet as the tabbies' starter, and Walker improving as a RB.

IMO he's a specialty running back like Devine, Charles, Thigpen. Used properly and kept fresh can give you a half a dozen exceptional touches a game and the odd game with a dozen or so. Austin will know how to use him.

I'd prefer Martell as the starter because of his sheer power, but I don't think you're giving Walker enough credit. I think any "lack of toughness" of Walker is a phenomenon that exists only in the minds of fans. He was a rookie, and he made some rookie mistakes. In addition to breakaway speed, we saw plays were Walker demonstrated exceptional vision/awareness running downfield. The cardinal example was the long TD on a swing pass against BC in game 2. That play wasn't just about speed, it was about great split-second decision making on the run. That kind of awareness is what separates great running backs from "kids who can run" ( DeAndra' Cobb). Walker also appeared to have more reliable hands than Avon out of the backfield.

The plan most likely will be Mallet as the starter with walker as the Change up guy. Cortez treid him as an everydown back after a great camp and late addition of Cobourne. when he came back and Cobourne was well engraved they began using Walker in that Capacity but time ran out before they could make it really successful.
Walker probably never had to block in his life after starting at the highes DI level a series of issues he began dropping all the way down to a DIII school to at least get some PT in his final season.