Chevon Walker :Can he go the distance ?

With Chevon missing some days already , I don't understand that we are putting all our eggs in one basket?! Why is Avon not being brought back! Is it a salary dump$ as he had a great year last season helping us out . Does walker have the ability to start all season and stay healthy ? Ticats should be bringing in another RB as insurance ASAP

Just my 2 cents... 8)

Did you check the roster before making this post ? ------CJ Gable , Bo Palmer, Donte Hardon , Daryl Stephenson , Lindsey Lamar , John Delahunt , Issac Del are all there. How many more do we need ?

As to the question in the title of this thread, lets hope so. Last year with inside runs he seemed very unsure, tentative, wary about hitting the hole at full speed and seemed to dance before making a commitment to run. I'm not sure what that means. It could be he didn't trust that the blocking was there, he saw something open somewhere else, or he is nervous to take the pounding required of an inside runner. The preseason games should tell us and the coaches what they have in him.

Also, as much as I liked Avon, that ship has sailed and so it should have.

So I should have rephrased my wording "PROVEN RB!" So all the rest of the roster are CFL VIRGINS so let the experiment begin! OH I forgot the RB position is a dime a dozen position in the CFL throw first run second! lets see if Our new rookies can carry the pigskin and SIR how many yards did Avon have last year ...?!

I too, am worried about chevy's durablity but remember the ONE position the cats have been able to fill the past 4-5 years is at running back!!! i really like gable..he looks like the real deal....we shall see,soon enough.

two words
Jerome Messam

What's wrong with Jerome ?

Apart from having a rep. as a undisciplined head-case. Fighting his teammates in BC, booted out of BC for breaking team rules, assault charge from a bar fight, those kinds of things you mean ?

But he's at camp :lol:

Austin really likes Gable. Wouldn't be surprised to see Gable be the starter by midseason.

Messam also has an iffy knee, some ESK fans complained he was never the same after surgery. Also came with a 100gs price tag which is why he's not in EDM's camp today

I cant remember his name for the life of me but who was behind Walker last year? He had long hair and was only in a couple games but he looked like he could be good in the CFL.

2012 STAT for Avon 737 yds rushing I say no more .... lol: Walker gets hurt we are f$#*!d

Avon would have been over 1000 yards no problem had he played the entire season.

There is little doubt Avon was /is a durable / productive back , but we have to also remember he was making 150 K per year , this year we have lost many many season ticket holders due to circumstances , plus it is costing 2 million in extra costs to play in Guelph with only half the # of seats and only 60% of the season ticket holders or so . -------so once one does the math and considering Avon's age something had to give --------and I am not taking a thing away from him , he was amazing to watch and enjoy but reality is reality and his age is his age , plus, its a positon which has a abundance of replacements available.

very true Hfx

Avon played only 10 games for the Cats last season yet still amassed 737 yds. rushing and 337 yds. receiving.
Pro-rated over a full season, he would have accrued 1,327 yds. rushing and 607 yds. receiving.
a career year for AC.

Meanwhile, in 14 games, Walker managed 656 yds. rushing and 336 yds. receiving, which would equate to 842 yds. rushing and 432 yds. receiving over a full term.
Impressive numbers for a rookie back.

If the Walker/Gable experiment goes awry, hopefully Avon can be enticed to step in and save the day once more.

Are you thinking of Brandon Rutley who wore #20? He ended last season on the PR and was later reported on CFL Transactions as signed on Nov.2 and his name appeared on the team site roster on Nov. 27th. Sometime between then and April, his name disappeared with nothing reported on the site or in the media that I saw.

Rutley? Can’t remember his first name. He would have been cut with the rest or the PR players. Austin may have considered him, but “went a different direction”.

I think Chevon Walker can go the distance if he stays healthy and probably C.J. Gable and who ever else makes the team and I think you have to try the new backs, however if someone doesn't work out the Cats should call Avon back, he's a solid performer and will continually give you performance.

Give Walker and the other backs the opportunity to perform and lets see what happens??

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!

Hes the one I was thinking of, I thought he looked pretty good, in the limited amount we seen him play.
Thanks for the help with his name and the info ottawacat and catsfaninottawa.