Chess: It's a Sport and it's back

Can`t find my original thread...

I'm playing black and reached the following position in a game versus a player in Scotland.

Black to play.

I THINK (I have not run it thru an engine and I am awaiting the Scot`s reply) I played a move that will lead to a win in about 6 moves - either mate or white resigning.

Anyone have a guess as to what I played?

don't matter to me this thread, but I have to differ about chess being a sport.

chess, poker, billiards, darts, tiddly winks.....all games not sports.

However, for your pleasure, I hope they keep this topic.

I hope so, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sacrificing the Rook on f2 wins for me. Breakdown...

Black : Rxf2 Check...

...White... Black

  1. RxR... Qxg3 (check)
  2. Kh1... Qxf2 (getting the Rook back)
  3. Rxd8 (check)... Kf7
  4. Qa7 (check)... Kg6
  5. Rxd6 (check)... Kh5

And that is where we stand - I am waiting for his move or RESIGNATION.

At that point, White is basically out of Checks (without losing his Queen) and as soon as I have a chance, I will play Ng3 (Mate).

looks to me like white was concentrating on offense too much. white needs only one more free move to check mate in 4 (if black co-operated) but got his queen trapped and helpless to defend.

to KR, do you work for the Vancouver Province? They had a small article on chess in their sports section today ::slight_smile: :slight_smile:

it was 50 yrs ago, give or take a few months, that I was front and centre in a picture in the Vancouver sun, of a table of kids learning first lesson in chess at our local community centre. Don't think we were in the sports section though.

...pssst Kevin: Nazi Paikidze

Yo Kevin, don't leave us hanging, how did it end?

LOL. He resigned. :slight_smile:

Hey Kev, why don't you give us a chess problem/solution a week ? I haven't played in a while except against a comp but I would enjoy the brain exercise. C'mon, give it a shot. Let's see who can come up with the answer. Just something to do.

Sounds like a good idea, Dan. :slight_smile:

P.S. I wrote you (4 times - it keeps getting bounced) but your personal email is NOT working. :frowning:

I was playing in the game below - my opponent was from England. It was strange position where I had given up 3 pieces for Black's Queen. Black was attacking my Queen.

What is the best move for White?

take the rook

Then Black takes my Queen with his Knight and I have given up my Queen for a Rook - not exactly a great exchange.

Here is one more from a game of mine against an opponent in my area...

Black is threatening to take my Knight (blue arrow)...

What is White's best move?

If he does, you attack his knight with forward pawn. He cannot stop you from getting your queen back.

Good man!

If the Knight takes the Queen, I play g7 and the pawn cannot be stopped...

... because if Black plays Knight to e7, stopping the pawn from advancing to g8, the pawn takes the Knight on f8 and Queens...

... and if Black moves the f8 Knight to avoid being taken by the pawn, the pawn advances to g8 and Queens...

In this game, I successfully sacrificed my Queen, for the rook, because I knew Black could not stop the pawn from Queening.

and then it is pretty much game over.

This one is trickier, FYB. What is White’s best move? NO cheating. :slight_smile:

I don't know about best move, but I would take his knight with my bishop