Cheron's late hit

Ok, the game is over and it's time to reflect. The late hit by Cheron in the last minute could have been devastating. Maas was hit low around the knees after throwing an incomplete pass, making it third and 10. The Calgary player was going to get a penalty for the late hit, giving us a first down. What does Cheron do? He dives on the guy, helmet first and get an objectionable play penalty. :smiley: :o We could have been further down the field and made the winning field goal much easier. Ok, we won the game anyway, but that penalty could have turned the final decision around. Discipline boys!! :oops: :oops:

Agree completely! This one I did get to see, including the replays! Might be why PC was not starting, and nobody was in too much of a panic about his absence.

I expect that the "discipline" will be applied, in spades, that this will not be recurring...


although Cheron's best asset to this team has been his heart, not his talent. at least this shows some team spirit budding up... i like that much.

(yup, i've given myself two days of positivity... lol)

That may be the one time when I'll give a guy a pass. It was a vicous hit on Mass, and an o-line players natural instinct is to make the SOB understand he can't do that. But yes, the timing wasn't great.

I can overlook this one
He protected his QB, like a natural O linemans instinct
If it was he himself that was fouled, and he retaliated, then it's called bad discipline.
Team player!

Only because we won.

Smoke9 is right. It could have very easily cost us the game.

Instead, it was Calgary's blown punt that won it for us. We were lucky.

Can't blame Cheron for protectng the QB and letting the defensive player know that that type of hit is unacceptable and will be paid back in full. This is no different, in IMO, than the hit Lambert put on Belli after Belli hit Calvillo late.

Yup!! :thup:

I like it!

We have to have tough players who stand up for one another as long as we don't get fished into penalties too easily.

Although I hate to see the penelties, :frowning: I think Cheron's protecting his QB and Jason played better because someone had his back. :smiley:

Regardless of winning or losing, I have no problem with Cheron acting on instinct like that. Somebody has to ride shotgun for a QB on every great line and convey messages when defensive players take liberties on the QB. That's the way it is.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yup....I agree!

I recall Flick getting tossed a few years ago when he put the "Shawinigan Handshake" (throat throttle) :lol: on some dude that was beating on one of our guys......those are always necessary penalties and I don't begrudge them at all. Some other roughing penalties are dumb but never the ones which are a result of protecting team mates......

Pascal is a gamer and a team player! :thup:

So with 1 minute left in the game, your OL takes a penalty that costs us 15 yards and Field Goal range, and people defend it because he was "sticking up" for Maas?

Give me a break. The guy almost cost his team a chance to win the game.

Grow up, dont take a SELFISH penalty and get the win. Beat them on the scoreboard where it counts.

This is about winning ball games, at that point in the game there is no reason for Cheron to be negating 15 yards when we're at mid field trying to get into FG range.

Sorry guys, had we of lost we would all be going off on how he cost us the game.

Cheron was selfish. Im sure Maas would tell you he didnt need defending and would have liked the yards better.

The guy almost cost his team a chance to win the game
But he didn't......the rest of the team stepped up and got the win so that's all that matters....

If everyone on the team gets into a paranoid state to the point of being paralyzed in fear of screwing up, then we are really in serious trouble....the linemen are the protectors and it's always worth it when they smack someone who is "crossing the line"....(no pun intended)

Perhaps I look at the bigger picture more than most but this team will go nowhere if there isn't a certain chemistry built.....and sending a message to the other team that they WILL have their QB's back is huge in the long run.....

Selfish penalties are bad...but this wasn't selfish at all......perhaps the timing made it seem that way but it was necessary in my opinion.....

and, again, we won! who cares?.. :lol:

It's the small things though. These are things that will come back and haunt you. We are lucky it didn't but I wouldn't say good on him for doing it.

As I recall, Cheron acted on instinct, not counting five steamboats to level someone. Ordinarily I would agree with you Crash, but I can give Pascal a pass on this one.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why? Because of emotion? The heat of the moment?

Football is about controlling emotions and channeling them into a team effort. It doesnt matter how long he waited to make the decision to hit someone late.

I'm a Raiders fan, I'm used to these discussions... LMAO

I agree with the abstraction, generally, of don't be selfish, etc. However, when someone is trying to take out your QB with a cheap hit late in a game, I can see where one might in the heat of the moment channel his energies into sending a message that that isn't on. My two cents.

Oski Wee Wee,

Even if it means 0-5?

Even if it means 0-5. If it is a premeditated thing, that's a whole different matter, Crash.

Oski Wee Wee,

We still repeated 2nd down...AND GOT THE FIRST DOWN! it did NOT cost us at all...he got that cheap shot artist back for trying to take out Maas!