Cheron the Defender

Not much chatter on this much as I'm against "stupid penalties"...this one may well go down as a "defining moment" when the team came together!

I find it quite interesting that Pascal Cheron declares that "my number one priority" is to protect " my number 11".
This is the type of statement that declares acceptance and builds team chemistry. It is no small thing that shortly thereafter the team got their first win!

I LIKE THE ATTITUDE! :thup: :thup:

pascals penalty was a justified penalty you cant let someone cheapshot your starting or backup qbs

We will need Pascal and team to showup big time against Les Als thursday night.

If there was a defining moment it was when Myers' kick went through and he was mobbed. But Cheron's actions were definitely laudable.

Notice no quote from Lancaster saying "Great job, hes a true team player"

You know why? Cause it was a stupid penalty and he knows it.

Good thing we won or it wouldnt be about honour.

Me thinks Pascal has a little bit of Travis Claridge in him. :cowboy:

I think this might wake the O line up. They have to play with a little more passion. We don't need the stupid penalties, but certainly we need them playing a little meaner. :cowboy:

Admirable that he feels that way, but you vent your anger on the NEXT play.

This isn't hockey. 8)

Yes sir, correct.

And laugh at them as we kick the winning FG.

He is a Team Player and Loves Hamilton..
Glad to have Him back


If we ended up losing that game, Cheron would have been just another bonehaed player that cost us a game because of a selfish and stupid penalty.

I find it absolutely incredible that someone would find fault with Pascal Cheron's actions...beyond what I said in my first post.."Stupid Penalties".

But then again...anybody who has played a team sport would only understand! :roll:

The team got the win...the message got out...."the Ticats are a Team" and don't take liberties with "Our QB"! :thup:

The last thing I would do is condone taking stupid penalties...However, at that point in was Justified and Timely!!!! The end justified the means!
I'll just bet that if you were to ask one of the Ticats if they thought it was a good'd get a positive response! It was showing some Passion and Resolve and this team needed that!

We could argue the point till the cows come home...but the long and short of it is that we got a win and let's hope they carry that "Passion and Resolve" into Montreal! :thup: :thup: