Cheers! CFL and The Beer Store toast new partnership

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League proudly welcomes The Beer Store as the league’s Official Retailer for Beer Distribution. The Beer Store will be with Ontarians every step of the way as the league and its incredible fans march towards the 110th Grey Cup in Hamilton on Sunday, November 19.

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Interesting timing.
Last call for Beer Store? Tories may open corner store sales (

Wouldn’t it be nice to scrap it and have beer sold at corner stores, grocery stores everywhere, like they do in most countries.
Scrap the monopoly that the 3 big producers have, the big 3 producers are all foreign owned now.
Also would be nice if they scrapped all the restrictions like, the government setting the prices, the regulation that beer in cans must be set at a higher price than bottles.

But in the mean time great that they are sponsoring and supporting the CFL