I'm going to try to do this weekly, just to try to start some discussion...

Cheers and Jeers for Week 1:

CHEERS-- to the League, for trying to speed up the video replay challenge process. It does take away from the human element, but at least they are making an effort to get the calls right. Wether or not everyone will be happy with the results is another debate.

JEERS-- goes to the Rider organization, for allowing beer to be sold in cans again on the East side of Taylor Field. I would like to see the beer sold in plastic cups, on BOTH sides of the stadium and in the end zone seats. We don't need more incidents like the game agaisnt BC last year, and this is just inviting the same thing to happen a 2nd time. I think the Rider brass should have put more thought into this before making a decision like this one. Another incident seems to be an invetability, I'm not sure who made the call on this, but its poor judgment on their part.

They will wait untill somebody gets killed and then change it. Huge Lawsuit in the making.

I've never heard of cans being sold at football games anywhere else but in Regina. Maybe they're trying to save on plastic cups.

I wouldn't be surprised if things go the way they do in Europe at some sports games: you can not drink in the stands at all. That would limit how much most would drink as you'd never actually get to see the game because you'd always be waiting in line to drink.


CHEERS- to Homer Simpson and all his recent charity work!

JEERS- to this rusty tailgate!

                                        -- Dr. Hibbert

Kasps- I agree with you.. its interesting to note that the first regular season game is against the Lions..the visitors that were involved last year. Hoepfully, the idiots aren't around this time, but something tells me that is unlikely. A very poor decision by the Riders..I guess the $$$ are more important the the visiting team's safety...

Love the Simpsons reference lol

Now that week one is in the books...


  1. Argos QB Kerry Jospeh.. it seems he has put last year behind him and had a outstanding game... he should be a favourite for Offensive Player of the Week.

  2. The Montreal Alouettes, walking into McMahon and beating the defending GC champs in their own barn.

  3. Omar Morgan.. two INTs, and a hard hit, some great plays


  1. Arland Bruce.. morbid TD celebration being buried?.. why not pay tribute by doing a moonwalk? Your team got buried last year by losing 9 straight games, so I guess it may seem appopriate to you..

  2. Sloppy play.. I can see it in the Edm/Wpg game, but the Riders/Lions? Most of the games this week were snoozers, I dont find it entertaining to watch teams play that kind of football. 15 turnovers in the SK/BC game.. did they think they were going to be a part of Matt D's cooking show?

while i do agree with u, his celebration was stupid, try moonwalking in cleats on fieldturf...probably not possible.

:lol: .. OK, how about wearing one glove,as long as Bruce doesnt try to sing lol

Wearing a glove on one hand for no apparent reason is more of a Blue Jay tribute to M.J. What was AB3 thinking?

Hmmm... intereting week


Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Only their second win in BC in 13 tries, and first victory in a West city since 2004. Great job, Tabbies!

Steve Baggs - quckly becoming a household name in CFL circles, he could win a 2nd straight POTW award

TSN- they finally saw the light and brought in Gord Miller- one the best play-by-play guys in the business.


Arkee Whitlock- tough to give him a jeer, but man, you have catch the football or make sure your opponent isn't able to get it either. Your coach showed you some confidence by keeping you in the game, I'm not so sure that was a wise decision.

Lions and Stamps- wow , 2 perennial West powerhouses at 0-2.. BC is understandable, they lost a ton of good players and its showing, but they should have been able to beat the Cats at home. It looks like the Stampeders are just going through the motions... both teams look brutal losing their first two games.

Gord Miller didn't seem bad, but Matt Dunnigan could use a little work on his colour commentary. I didn't watch much of the game (I was going back and forth), but during the bit that I did watch, I heard him say "Uh" and "And" far too many times. Especially "And." He ended damn near every comment with "And..." He's pretty good on the TSN panel, but he needs to work on his game calling.

I'd say that's a good assessment Sambo. What more can you say about the Cats? They looked good for the first time in years. I'd also give a huge CHEER to Cobb — what a debut!

Whitlock had probably the worst day of his career. Many more like that and he'll be looking for a new one.

I honestly didn't notice the play by play guys and that's a credit to them. They seem to fill in the blanks without making the broadcast about themselves, and that's about as much as I can ask since the added insights of Ron Lancaster are no longer available.

I completely agree about Gord Miller. He is a Pro.
Matt was a complete failure for me. He would have no idea what he was trying to say which led to the ahhs and ums. His stories were not funny. His only good insight was on a couple QB throws, but other than that I thought he was bad. He talks like everything is an inside joke, and quite frankly it was annoying. I would take Walby or Madden any day over Dunnigan.
Sorry about the Harshness, but it was that bad.

Jeers - Duane Ford is horrible. Wow, how did this guy get a job doing colour?
- Milt Stegal didn't even know SK QB's first name, I stopped watching right then.
- Do the refs know what offside is? Receivers for basically every team in every game going in motion and going offside without calls being made. Terrible.
- Do the refs know what BLATANT HOLDING is? So many of them in the Sask - Toronto game today that I lost track.

That's weird, I've been noticing that the receivers has looked to be offside alot as well. It seems to be happening in every game, so I'm thinking it has to be the camera angle or somehing.

Dunigan wasn't great, but for being new to the role, I thought not that bad. He's already better than Forde. He did talk a little too much inside baseball, that the casual fan simply won't catch. Where he's best is when he gives you the stuff that an ex pro player and coach knows, but fans don't - like talking about DD's bad fundamentals when he patted the ball before throwing the one that slipped out of his hand - a very cool observation. Whereas Rod Black would have made some inane comment about the "greased pigskin".....

There were a couple other observations about plays that I recall he made, some where he broke down Toronto's offensive formations, and a couple others, although the specifics escape me. If he stuck with that, laid off the superlatives and insider references few will catch, he could be good. His diction and speech patterns will improve with experience - those are more technical things than anything.

I can't stand Duane Forde and Rod Black. I'm sure Forde is very knowledgable when it comes to football, but those two lull me to sleep.

I wonder who from the TSN brass Black has incriminating photos of to get the second team play-by-play job ahead of Gord Miller.