cheerleading tryouts?

Hey guys,
I am wondering if anyone on this site has any idea when the tryouts for the 2007 ti-cat cheerleading team are? I missed them last year, and i dont want to miss them again! thanks for any help!

They usually post the date on this site.

I suggest you continue to check back periodically.

And, as a word of caution, if any of the regulars try to tell you that they've been designated choreographer and will be conducting tryouts in their living room one Friday night, it's a lie. :wink:

haha thanks for the advice! i will check back frequently for sure, thanks!

I wonder if we're dumping salary in the cheerleader department too...

that might cause the uniforms to become more this could be a good thing

I may have to try out. I've been told I have nice legs. Hairy but nice.

An Argo fan

If we lose Leslie then thats it my tickets are cancelled !!!!!!!!!!!!

Pics ... 'midds' .... pics

Good luck ... give'r ur best

Nobody's safe... we gotta free up payroll somewhere.

Audition information is up. Here is the link:

I checked the fine print. It does not say you have to be female. Go for it Barney!

The Tiger-Cats are looking for fit, talented, educated, enthusiastic women who are excited and committed to representing the team at our games and in the community at Tiger-Cats events.

I guess I need to get my eyes checked. I have to admit though I only looked under the
“To be a member of the team you must commit to the following:” part. No mention of gender in that section. But I stand corrected.

Sure, so you have to be female, but can be an Argo far? :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure ...but I know you can't be a guest on the Howard Stern Show.

I hoping the Team has more Ethnic Women Try out. Toronto and Montreal all have More try out.

I really don't care what background the cheerleaders come from, as long as they're easy on the eyes, athletic, and have co-ordination.

Not necessarily in that order, of course :rockin:

Ethnic women?....

Hopefully they are all Canadian.....


I would not mind a Girl From Jamaica or the US.
Beauty Comes in all forms Mikey
I just like to see more Women of different types
Cheering are boys on.