Cheerleading - DO YOUR HOMEWORK

[b]OK so here we go again, Crazy Re-Pete, the wanna be crazy george is banging his drum and pumping his fist.

I have accepted that there is a small precentage of people who like this guy and find him funny or ammusing. However, if we are going to be forced to suffer through another season of this Sky Train King can we please as fans teach this drum beating wanna be the rules of football.

Example Number #1 - Dude, if they let you run out on the field at the start of the game, your not a player, please do not chest bump any of them, ask Bobby Singh. We pay to see them play on the field, not you.

Example Numner #2 - The Wave.... its freaking awesome, its great, its a really crowd pleaser and team spirit lifter.... ON DEFENCE!!!!! Drum beating, fist pumping freak, On defence we make noice, on offence we are silent... it drive me insane to watch you try and start the wave while the Lions have the Ball.

Example Number #3 - BC is blessed with fans of all ages, young and old. Guess what, when you come down the aisle and bang that drum behind a senior or a child, your not funny, your scary as hell. Be like you idol, if you even know who he was? Crazy George, the real leader of the lions would use his voice first and/ or walk to the front where we all saw him. Then you are fun, and not a pain in the you know what.

For any fans who have seen this disaster in the stands, please feel free to add or let him know the rules of football.


I completely agree with you. Great examples to by the way I have nothing to add.

All valid points sir.

I agree, but sometimes when that wave gets going its hard to stop.

Good points though.

my friend said that Crazy P might be related to Master P…uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


#2 especially gets on my nerves.

By now, any football fan should know the basic rule of cheering in a way that HELPS, not hinders, your team.

DO NOT MAKE NOISE WHEN YOUR TEAM HAS THE BALL. They don't like it. They can't hear as well and it throws them off when you're loud. That's a good time to chug your beer...cheers. Now shut up.

Defense is another story....we expect you to lose your voice, your seated position and your inhibitions at this point. Go works.


I don't mind him. Last time I was there he was only revving up the crowd on D.

Yea i know, i was espescially annoyed at this at last years West Final. The fans boo'd when the anouncer said anything. If you were in a stadium down south somebody would kick your ass, whether it be high school, college, or pro. I was like man, i'm surrounded by 50,000 idiots tonight. I'm glad their here, but you'd think they'd at least know you can't cheer on offense at a football game.

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I like his enthusiasm but wouldn't Crazy George have a case for plagiarism?

Not 2 popular?

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