where are our cheerleaders??????

As a cheerleading alumni, 1985, I was not impressed with what was on the field tonight. The Uproar. They did nothing to cheer on the team. The token guy on the field didn’t even look like he wanted to be there. There was no professionalism, and I think they were on the field like maybe 3 times if that. Please BRING BACK A PROPER SQUAD or don’t do anything at all. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but they were really not very good. Not impressed and very disappointed:-[ >:(


Unfortunately i think the days of the traditional cheerleaders are numbered.
In the world we live I can see this great part of the game day experience eliminated.

Ticats are now the first cfl team to not have cheerleaders. Argos and red blacks team has gotten bigger and we get the uproar?Nothing on the website or twitter anymore. I bought my daughter seats again in section 109 because she loves seeing the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Very disappointed by last night and this new team.

Well, there actually hasn't been Ticat "cheerleaders" for a long time. It's been an all female "dance team", which was headed by Leslie Stewart for a long while now. It's 2018, so I guess they want men to dance with the girls ::). I'm there to watch a football game so I really could care less, but that "cheer team" I witnessed last night was disgraceful.

One thing is to have the team stink up the field but how do you mess up cheerleading ?

Didn't see them but I will take everyone's word for it .

If cheerleading was noticed for being bad then you know you really have a problem with cheerleading .

Ottawa has both dance and cheer squads and they compliment each other well .

Very well choreographed moves with proper attire and decorum .

Maybe Ambrosie's undisclosed conditions for Manziel to remain eligible preclude the Cats from having a "Dance Team".

What happened to our Cheerleaders! They now look like they are 16 years old ! And the quality of the dance has gone down hill ! The junior cheerleaders had better cheer costumes and did a better job as my daughter is in competitive dance and said Dad what’s up with our Cheerleaders I told her I guess Leslie Stewart doesn’t coach it anymore ?!

They had advertised "Dance Team" auditions in the spring, but I don't know if they actually took place. Then about a month ago they advertised auditions for a "Performance Team".

What a joke ! What a screw up !? BOB CARETAKER PLEASE HELP ! Where are the professional cheerleaders ?!

Maybe we're being "progressive" by not having the previous style of cheerleaders. Maybe they held auditions and not enough suitable candidates showed up. All kinds of possible reasons.

Caretaker, can you comment?

Was this an intended direction?

Trust me... I'm no feminist, but the whole cheerleader concept is truly outdated. If I ever had the pleasure of owning a CFL team... the first thing I would do is get rid of the cheerleaders.

I noticed that too and was surprised and disappointed as the team was well rehearsed and polished.

But it seems Lesley Stewart is now the sidelines commentator for the 1150 radio broadcast so it's unlikely the cheerleaders will continue unless coached by someone else :-[

Our old dance team had drastically reduced in numbers over the last few years.

If I recall last year, we had maybe 16??

Anyway, I’d like to see them back too. What we witnessed last night was, well…

Funny thing is women like them . Every time I went with a woman to a game they like watching the cheer squad .

I always considered it just a man's libido to have them around but since talking to women about them they don't consider them a bad thing for women at all if anything the acrobatic squad and the dance squad in Ottawa are part and parcel to drawing people to the whole Pro Football experience .

Now saying that they should also be properly compensated for any promo work they do .

I know here they are very well received in Ottawa and they add to the game day experience in a positive way .

Im guessing that after last years faux pas with the attempted hiring of a coach that external pressure was applied and what we see is the result

I am not sure what the intention of "the uproar" performance team is, but it was definitely disappointing. Always looked forward to seeing the cheerleaders perform as they provided great game day entertainment for the family. It's a shame that we will not be seeing them this season.
There is such a rich history behind cheerleading, not only in the CFL, but football in North America as a whole. Changing the cheerleader uniforms and style of dance to keep current is one thing (which has been done many times in the past) but totally eliminating them is a big mistake.

I'm sure this is another cost cutting measure by the team. That's why the size of the squad has dwindled in recent years. The fact that the official social media accounts have disappeared along with any mention on the team website I suspect this Uproar squad is "outsourced". This is the price we pay for Johnny. Very disgraceful to try and quietly bury the cheer squad after the years Les has put into the team.