Cheerleaders page

So I'm wondering through the web site and I come across the cheerleader page and I say to myself....this looks like #%%.
Then I thought, maybe it's a Canadian thing. Perhaps the rest of the league is the same.
Every team has made and effort to get the girls (and guys) out of their hoodies and scrunchies in their hair and really make an effort in presentations of not only themselves but of the web page itself.

Some fantastic photos done in studios as well as on the field.

Fix this Cats's embarrassing.

The page seems fine to me.

I'm not "getting" what the issue is :?

Well maybe my computers dont work but when i go to the page i see a class photo of all the girls in their sweats.
Ive always assumed that it was an idea to get them on the page at the beginning of the season but it appears that is it....nothing more.
Check out all the other teams and see what they have done so far. Fantastic pro shot studio photos , action shots of them out on the field, bios, etc...including some pretty impressive web page designs.

I guess it's just me who's unimpressed. :cry:

It is a bad page.
you should be able to click on the picture of every cheerleader and it should bring you to a bio page with a few pictures. I really don't care if they update it but that's one of the many things they could do to make this site alot better.

8) I agree with you. If I remember correctly, at the beginning of the season, you could click on each individual picture
 and get a bio and more pics of each cheerleader !!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Gonna play devil's advocate here, only because I know what the deal is. MRX builds and maintains alot of websites for the CFL and other leagues too. It is these responsibilities that prevent them from getting changes up very quickly. Kinda like a mechanic not fixing his own car because he's always doing it for others.

I agree, however, it would be nice to give these ladies their dues and time in the spotlight. As is deserved!

Why am I not surprised that you knew that? :lol:

I'm far from computer savvy, but I was curious about your complaint so had a quick look.

Go to Right next to the currently featured videos is a link for More Media. Click on it.

At the top you will find a menu that includes Cheerleader. Click on it.

There's plenty there that should satisfy you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tripper.
Found it but don't you think that stuff should be under perhaps CHEERLEADERS?

Still kinda lame compared to ALL the other teams.