Cheerleaders are back!

only see one guy at tri-outs for the team.

I say Why Not, anything is better than that blaring music between plays and on officials time outs.

Now I might go to a game where the dance/cheer teams play each other and the football teams have a dance off! ;D

We would win because we have Mike Filer.

  1. And he looks like he could be the best of that whole try out team :-[ :-[ :smiley: LOL.

The goal was, and remains, to become more coed. But there are no males in the “core group” of 14 dancers and brand ambassadors because, Reid says, so few males came to auditions last month. Some of the extra “hype group” complementing the 14-woman core group on the sidelines and in the stands will be males.

She says her team’s various uniforms will be appropriate to the season and to the physical activity.
“Dance is a part of the game-day entertainment and in the dance world you wear something fit and athletic that shows your lines,” she says. “Some people could call it revealing. I wouldn’t. It’s no different from any sport requiring movement and showing the lines.”
And there’s one more thing.
“Pom poms will be back,” Reid promises. “They are visually impactful from all parts of the field.”

Since she’s so concerned with staying true to “the dance world”, I guess we’ll be seeing a lots of skirts like this: ::slight_smile:

Just admit that the gameday outfits will be revealing for the sake of being revealing.

Pigskin Pete, revealing cheerleaders, and winning football. 8)

What’s to complain about? ;D

Somehow I think it’s less about showing the lines and more about showing the curves. I think that’s their angle anyway. :wink:

Scrapping cheerleaders- the reply to the demand nobody made.

Lesson learned: Its fashionable to appear woke but on some stuff its best to sound out customer base first.

Sometimes, when one gender has traditionally been underrepresented in a certain job, it is important to offer members of that gender positions to create positive role models and encourage additional applicants of that gender in the future. Over time attitudes change and we move towards greater equality.

Fans spoke and they listened.

“We want male cheerleaders!”


So in few years I expect our trio of linebackers to be named Taleisha, Lafonda, and Stacy.

Exactly. Just think of how much it would help motivate promising young female football players!

Nice. At least we’ll get to watch the Canadian Lingerie Bowl. ;D

A noble sentiment, but not necessarily one that is always applied to all jobs, both sexes, and all ethnic or racial groups. A much more persuasive argument when one applies it to one’s own group, than when applied by and to another’s? :wink:

feel like this thread might be devolving…