Cheerleaders 2011

....hey, you have a topic for every other aspect of the game...

:thup: :thup: Marie-Eve S. :thup: :thup:

(I'm partial to redheads amongst us)


Well-played, sir.

I like Elizabeth V.


Red, you may be partial to redheads, as you are aware I'm partial to oriental. . .

For pity's sake
Someone post a the very least



Just go the Als’ website (you can click on the Als’ icon at the top of this page), and then click on cheerleaders. . . :roll:

bianca is pretty hot. she was on the seat behind me on the return plane from edmonton from GC 2010 with elizabeth v. and herb zurkowsky to her right. sidney's a hottie too.

i was also on the return plane from Calgary in 2009 to edmonton before heading back to montreal. It was a small plane and I was a few rows back of the cheerleaders and I could see Marie-Eve S. ,who is supposedly a black belt in karate, scared out of her mind in the plane wishing for a big boeing. she also hates driving on the victoria bridge. can't say I blame her for that one. :wink:

Oh well
If you insist on making it difficult


Jeez. Argos cheerleaders have a calendar for ten bucks. We don't have squat except for their website photos.

Get rid of the white tennis shoes and go with the 1960s (Austin Powers movie) white boots.