Cheerleader draft/importing of women

Is everyone up for paying the cheerleaders 25% of the average salary of a CFL player?

Maybe it's the orange colors (Hooters restaurant colors), but BC is the only team in the league that does an A+ job in this area and I bet it's by design and not by chance.

Do it like the Arena Football League use to do. Pay the cheerleaders like the players.

Would you be in favor of an annual cheerleader draft...shown live on CBC or TSN?

Ottawa and Montreal...they're cute...but many of them on their squads look like local high school girls ...instead of gals that were scouted across the continent for a Hollywood role in a movie...if you get my drift.


Rather not have them. Don't need them. They just window dressing for dirty old men and lustful young men

Other than paying them and the potential of a draft (which I think is stupid) I find this pretty insulting to cheerleaders and fairly objectifying to the men and women on them who put in a pile of hard work.

what was wrong with the Cheerleader thread that we already had going?

It does not offer free exposure for his domain name on the index page.

You say it like it’s a bad

Seriously tho, women are beautiful to look at, it’s important to them to feel beautiful inside and out, and when that stops happening for me I hope it’s when they’re burying me.

I think they should be paid...

I think every team should do what works for them. If the cheerleading squad can assemble and do what they do currently within their financial structure - then why fix what isn’t broke?

If the league however mandates certain things within the cheerleading aspect of the games - as part of a CFL standard - then obviously they should be paid for their time. Not sure they aren’t being paid now to some degree. That being said, if a standardized pay structure for cheerleaders is implemented, then fan and team expectations will increase along with that due to them becoming professionals.

To be honest, if you are going to have cheerleaders, I'd rather see what Ottawa does where it is a mixed group and the emphasis is on actual acrobatics, but frankly I could do without cheerleaders all together.

Besides, when you are watching on TV the cheerleader routine is nothing but another string of endless commercials, which we all agree we could use less of. One of the things I will say soccer does right is while logos on kits is irritating, you aren't getting plastered with commercials after every three downs.

Rider cheerleaders went to the Cheer Team format a number of years ago and combined some aggressive gymnastics along with some traditional cheerleading. Was better to watch than just a female squad. Had about 10 guys, and 20+ women. Last season I counted just 3 guys out there. Looks like they’re having a hard time keeping men in the program, but the ones that remain probably do very well on the weekends ??

I tried to be a male cheerleader once. The school wouldn't allow it

Then again it also wouldn't allow girls to take shop or boys to take home-economics. I really hated that school. I ended up making a claw hammer and an ash tray. Neither of which taught me a damn thing useful.

Agreed. Saw them at Grey Cup and they put on quite the show.
They followed the great Eskimo cheer squad format. The overall presentation is so much better when they add the gymnastics portion.

Maybe you just could'nt rock the short skirt and tank tops? ;D

Should the cheerleaders be paid 25% of what the players make. Sure! If we pay the vendors and security the same!
Of course not! They are a side show, and not a very good one at that. They are poorly choreographed
and none are anywhere near good enough dancers to be a rockette or chorus line girl .
When I see them coming on the field at historic McMahon I roll my eyes because it means a long commercial break is coming!
At least Edmonton's provide entertainment. Having both men and woman allow for some decent acrobatics.

There is male cheerleaders as well . People forget there are many events as well that they promote the team . They put in many hours being ambassadors and from personal experience the kids , ladies and men like getting their picture with them and they move around the stadium conversing with spectators before the game .

They are like a mascot .

Even in high school we had cheerleaders .

The youth market loves the cheerleaders . Youth like sexiness and athletic prowess and you get both with two ; one a dance squad and the other a cheer acrobatics squad . The best of both worlds .

Or I was just too ugly. The hairy legs and brawny shoulders didn't help either.


I was greeted politely by a few Eskimos cheerleaders at a game it was nice.

We try to make it to every Grey Cup and one of my favorite picture albums has various Grey Cup festivity pics and also pics of us with every cheer team across the nation. They're great ambassadors for the league and seem to love what they're doing.

I predict that cheerleaders - which is really a euphemism for "dance teams" - will be a thing of the past within 5 years. Perhaps not the co-ed cheer teams that do acrobatics etc., but the young women dressed in tanks and spandex with heavy make-up and boots, nope.

I don't want this to happen. These girls work hard and there is a fun, traditional element to football games with their inclusion, but I just see the #metoo movement gaining too much momentum. Women's groups will be calling for this in these PC times we're living in, mark my words. The Commish will eventually cave to pressure. It will be seen as too sexist and anacronistic.