Cheerleader auditions?

Well I just have a quick question about cheerleading auditions! How many of teh old girls are going to be returning? I have been away from the sport for some time and I recently turned 33 and noticed that you do not have many cheerleaders from last year over the age of say 26... I heard that the team didn't participate at grey cup why was that? If anybody has thi sinfo it would be great. I am thinking of trying out as I know without a doubt I cna do all teh routines that were performed last year on the field but do not wantto waste my time if teh age is a factor at all...
Also I noticed in the tryout info that shorts must be worn thi syear at tryouts to see the legs does that mean that the uniforms on field will be changing this year...
Thank you to all who respond BUT PLEASE dont turn this into a negative post about the girls that work so hard every year...

Hi Oldcheer,
To answer some of your questions, the Ticats Cheerleaders were at Grey Cup and were the Best Cheerleaders there, just ask around.
Regarding tryouts, there is no age cap so if you think you still have what it takes come on out, age is not a factor.


Do you have a sister Blitz?

Oldcheer, I think you would be a welcome addition to try-outs, and 33 is still young...just ask our new "D" coach.

I am sure that their is no discrimination in making the TiCat cheerleaders of any sort.

We have the best cheerleaders in the CFL (and best Cheer coach in Leslie).
Good luck at try-outs!

OK guys, I just did a little calculation and I figure that Leslie Stewart is somewhere around 33. Would anyone think that she is too old to still be a cheerleader?
I would love a retro night where cheerleaders from the past would come out for a reunion night and cheer on the sidelines with the regular cheer team.
I think that it would be fun!

I'd love a retro night when we actually have no cheerleaders


why not? I don't mind the Mac cheerleaders but the pro dancers are another story

again, why is this?

TandA show not required for me to enjoy a sporting evert

not required perhaps, but do they detract from it to the point where you dont want them there?

When they play hip hop, yes. When the drunk young men make a fuss, yes. :stuck_out_tongue:retty much anytime, yes

are you saying the cheerleaders ruin the hip hop or the hip hop ruins the cheerleaders?

because they'll play that junk anyway....

Tand A remember. Not required. Hip hop sux. drunken twenty somethings do too. Why are the dancers there. They make the game better how?

Hip hop and drunken twenty somethings will happen with or without cheerleaders. Plus, not only are there drunk 20-somethings, I've seen people in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's have a few too many at a Cats game before. They might not make the game better, but how exactly do they make it worse?

Clarification .... lecherous drunken males

They attract the crude and obnoxious to comment. They sell sex and f thats what I'm looking for I'll pay less for the whole show at the local strip club. THATS how they make it worse

Turbo, I respectfully allow anyone their opinion, and you have made yours.

In my opinion the Cheer team are a collection of attractive dancers dressed to get your attention.

There was an incident some deemed inappropriate with a pair of Cat cheerleaders last year that was dealt with because it did not fit with the image that the Cheer team wants to convey.
The reference to strippers is unfair!

They are a welcomed part of the game day entertainment in my eyes.

You may not agree with my opinion but it is fair to compare pro sport cheerleaders with strippers and it has nothing to do with Howard Stern's show that you refer to. In both cases the girls are employed to entertain by selling sex.

How is that fair at all?

Both sell sex to the lowest common denominator.
Both are exhibitionists.
Both are in venues that grossly overcharge for drinks

Exhibitionists? Wikipedia definition of an exhibitionist:

Exhibitionism (also known as Lady Godiva syndrome and Apodysophilia) [1] is the psychological need and pattern of behavior to exhibit naked parts of the body to other people.

All they "exhibit" is a bit of their midsection. I see people dress more risque at schools.

Also, whats the overcharging of drinks got to do with anything?

i beleive it was a humourous add on...