Cheering on the airwaves from afar.....

Just got finished discussing yesterdays win as a guest on John Badham's morning radio show here in Peterborough. John and I are both veteran broadcasters...but he is a little more veteran than me.
Had a chance to yuk it up, discuss the incredible domination of the second half by the Tiger-Cats...and remind Badham to pay up!
We had a non-monetary wager when I was also on Friday morning as a hard core Tiger-Cat fan. I predicted a 3 point win for us but he thought it would be the Blue team by 14. This morning's on-air chat was sooooooooo satisfying. :lol:

Good for you Mr62TCs. I can well imagine the satisfaction you felt over this win. Oskie we wee!! :thup:

8) Wow, "mr62cats", now there is a name from the past in John Badham !!
   I remember him well as being the radio play by play announcer for the Argos for several years, and even for the TiCats,
   for a short spell.

    He had a great radio voice, and always was a joy to listen to.  An excellent football announcer for sure.

     Good to hear that he is still broadcasting now, in Peterborough !!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->