Cheering for a rival

I will preface my remarks by saying I’m no fan of any of the Edmonton based sports teams. If it’s the U of A, Oil Kings, Wildcats , certainly not the Oilers or Eskimo/Elks teams. On Aug 27, 2023 , things will be different, I will be cheering for the Elks.

Why you may ask? I will cheer them on to end an embarrassing/ugly streak, one of the worst I’ve seen in pro sports… 22 straight home losses… even a team like the. Esks/Elks, nor the fans should endure a streak like this one. It was satisfying and fun to beat them at their best, the ‘89 West final comes to mind, or lament the losses when Ridgway slipped on the wet natural grass surface in a playoff game… it’s sad to see a proud franchise go through this, even a ‘hated’ rival like the Elks.

All I can say is GO Elks GO… it’s more fun to cheer against a rival at their best…


At this point it doesnt matter anymore
I had been kind of hoping the team could finish winless to put the exclamation mark on a terrible season but
Winning in Hamilton seemed to fire up the Cats who then proceeded to pounce on the Lions

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Congrats to the Elks on stopping the streak…. the fans deserve to celebrate this one


The city of Edmonton is going to have a lot of staff ‘call in sick’ tomorrow. :grin:

Congrats Elks!

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Cheering for the Elks again… both will be 3-9 if that happens, giving the Riders a 3 game cushion on both teams…

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