Cheering Against The Blue Team Saturday!

There’s a group of us from Petawawa that are going to the Argo’s game on Saturday. Some type of appreciation thing. I will be going to this game. I can’t wait to walk into enemy territory and cheer for the Als!

I have never seen a game at the concrete toilet bowl but I’d imagine that the atmoshphere is terrible.

Anyone seen a game there before?

I have, a friend of mine knew a player from the Blue Bombers and wanted to see them play before she went away to school..and since they didn't play the Ti-Cats till mid-September, I decided (against my better judgement) to go see a Argos vs Bombers game at Skydome (always will be Skydome to me screw Rogers)

I sat behind the Argos bench 11 Rows up and I heckled those Argos every quarter, the atmosphere was doscile and calm I was able to heckle without any kind of backlash (mind you I kept it tasteful no swearing no vulgarity) just some laughs and some looks cause I was just letting them have it, especially Vanderjagt it was a laugh a minute I had a Bombers fan sitting 2 rows behind me tell me "I have never been to a funner game, you sir are a blast!" and we let them have it people were freakin out laughing.

You'll enjoy'll need a shower afterward because I have a feeling you will sure feel dirty after cheering for the Al's.

I was at the playoff game there when the Cats played the Argos about 5-6 years ago.
It was the game where Cheatwood took a couple of bad penalties.

Anyways I had seats in about row 12 but there was so much space between row one to the field we were still quite a ways from the field.
It was a dead atmosphere.

I could carry on a conversation with a guy 2 sections away it was that quiet.
I was amazed that the Argos players said after the game that it was the loudest crowd that they could remember.

We have a gem in Hamilton.
Row 12 means you can talk to the players, and feel the intensity of the game.
You will not get that at the Rogers Center.

In recent years I've been there to cheer on the Ticats, Eskimos, Blue Bombers and

It's always fun. I once went to a tailgate wearing a Buck Pierce jersey when they were playing the Lions. That was fun. :smiley:

Enjoy yourself, but please don't cheer for Ben Cahoon. I can't stand that guy. :wink:

i was there for the home opener this year when they played the cats. its was a good atmosphere and the view of the field wasn't as bad as people always say it is.

Last time I went there was in the Gretzky/McNall days.

Security told us to take down our banner and we would told to "stop cheering so loudly" or we'd be asked to leave. For some reason I've never felt the urge to go back.

Oh. The Ti-Cats got thumped.

Rogers Centre is concrete mausoleum, worst place to watch a game. IWS IS a little piece of heaven.

I loved every game at IWS. I DO NOT want them to get a new stadium with a track like in Edm.

That said...

I went to a home opener in Calgary one year. I always thought that Calgary would have a great atmosphere... nope. It was dull. The stadium was great though. Great view of the game... but no emotion from the fans at all.