Cheer team to live on !

On vous a entendus

et on a ressenti la vague d’amour

Nos cheerleaders seront de retour en 2020.


Good on the President to recognize the stupidity of this move.

Good on the team to reverse their decision based on feedback .

Excellent !

X2 Sometimes hard to get execs to admit a screw up.

Only a fool never changes his mind!?

Well…Don’t forget that at the press conference, the first thing he did was thank the fans reps who were there and the fans

He knows which side of his bread is buttered

The people have spoken.
The power of public opinion.

Actions have to match words. It’s unfortunate, he’s a new owner but he is kind of stuck with the history of the last few years. Mostly when Bob turned running the team over to his son.

Why … they’re old news.
The routines are lame (little or no buzz) plus the music omg!
The guys have to go
The squad looks uncoordinated
If they do live on … update the squad at least & the leadership…
The same old same old

What a gong show! For the last several seasons, this franchise has been a walking talking disaster area. They were able, nonetheless, to get a winning season last year.

All I can hope for at this point is that the coaching staff and players can find a way to put this freak show to the side and get some Ws in 2020.

So one of the President’s first moves, a supposed marketing wiz, has to be walked back.
Great start.

That said, better to make a mistake but then admit so and reverse it than just dig in. This was the wrong move, at the wrong time. But it does worry me in two ways:

  • Doesn’t inspire confidence in Cecchini, but we’ll see
  • Cost-cutting was the stated reason behind the move, what happened to the new wealthy owner injecting money into the team? Not as if the cheer team represents a great expense either. If they can’t afford that, what else won’t they be able to afford or have to cut?

Have to wonder what else may have happened than some bitching … might there have been a “contract” issue behind the scenes?

Whatever the case, the eye candy is back for those that find them an integral part of the football experience.

X 3

I agree, that they need a new squad leader. No one should be in the position as long as Annie has been. She’s old enough to be their mother.

Perhaps they could go The Replacements route

He’s only stuck if people choose for him to be stuck. The past has nothing to do with him unless people won’t let go and try to saddle him with it, which is totally wrong and unfair.

Good to hear the team is listening to their fans. It’s never easy to make cuts like this and they were upfront with it.

Based on the feedback and the savings reported over 100K there must have been enough feedback to say this savings isn’t worth it.

They’ll cut in other places not as noticable and hopefully this decision helps them earn enough new business to carry forward.

Ah! What the Hell

Montrealers made me proud today

Lol. I will keep my thoughts and comments to myself on this one. Lol.