Cheer Loud.... My Voice Won't Be At The Game

Sigh.... finally a "home" playoff game and I can't make it! I'm scheduled to speak at a church in Blythe and there's no way I'm making it from almost Lake Huron to Guelph in time. There's even a lunch after that won't end until 1:30 or so.

Remember to make noise (at the right times!) boys and girls. And shed a tear for me. (My daughter and her new husband get the season seat tickets.... just to inform any ticket vultures out there. :slight_smile: )

Have fun and "Eat 'em raw."

Best of luck with the speech Mark, I'm sure it will go well and it sounds like it's something important I would think.

And you, Mark.... don't forget to say a "quick" one for the Cats! Good luck on your speech.

Blyth ??? Heck that’s just about 20 miles south of me. Anyway, stop in to the Old Mill for some great deals on leather jackets. (no, I don’t have shares in the place…it’s just a good place to visit for quality without the price)

We will be at the game and I’m bringing along a couple of fans that will make enough noise for you too. :wink: