Cheer Girls

All - I live in the States and really enjoy watching what little bits of the CFL I can get. I do have a question for all you Bombers out there ... Last year (I think) I read an article about the some of the girls from the WPG cheer squad making a racy calendar. There wasn't any details provided in the article ... but I am sure most of you recall what I am referring too. Did those girls get fired from the team ? Or did attendance increase because of it ? Just curious as to what the reaction of the avg. fan was and how the team handled it.

If I was the owner, publicly I would of course sensor the whole thing, but privately I would be saying 'bless you girls' ~~

there was no racy calendar, what actually happened is some photos of scantily clad cheerleaders were posted to the internet. I am not sure if they were current or past members of the cheerleading squad. However the cheerleading coach resigned/fired over the incident. Also heard that there was some girl on girl action, but never saw any pictures to back that claim.