Cheer Alumni

Hey everyone! I wanted to share that myself (Tiffany) and fellow Ticats Cheer Alumni Andrea, have begun a Cheer Alumni to connect everyone from over the years. So far our group has reached well over 100 members, some cheerleaders dating back to the 60’s. We are excited to share that we will be attending the November 3rd home game as a group! I am thankful that this negative topic has connected us past cheerleaders, who are simply just a group of passionate women, who share the same love for the Ticats, local charities and the city of Hamilton. Hopefully you can see our flailing poms in the crowd on Nov 3rd! Oskee Wee Wee!

Fantastic!! You just made my day! Oskee Wee Wee!

The Cheerleaders make a return! Look forward to it! Oskee Wee Wee!

Are you sure poms are still allowed in through the gates? Is flailing still allowed? Poms only? Or from the cheerleaders too? Are you relegated to the stands or allowed on the sidelines? Hopefully you don’t have to buy your own tickets! Pity though there won’t be any representation at the Grey Cup in Edmonton.

That’s awesome glad to hear you’re preserving a key component of Ticat history. On another note though let’s all go to the game that day have fun, flail Pom Poms, not flail them whatever , because the only people being affected by this are the new team. I love that the alumni has a presence and I think it’s important but maybe we should all grow up and stop reliving our “glory? days I gave up on that years ago haha. Excited to see you ladies

This is so wrong on so many levels! Do not grow up and relive glory days as much as possible!

Haha I wouldn’t call it reliving our glory days as it’s no difference than the players alumni having an event, or any Men/Women’s club for that matter. Our presence also has nothing to do with the new team, we are just happy to reunite with each other and talk about our time over the years, as our members span over 60 years of Ticats ambassadors!

We will be cheering from the stands! We hope flailing is allowed because were pretty good at it! I agree it is sad the Cats won’t have any representation at Grey Cup as there are many events the Cheer teams take part in that weekend.

It’s really too bad there will be no Tiger-cats Cheer team at GC this year. Hopefully they bring back the cheerleaders next year to THF and GC.

C’mon ladies spread the word!

Can you ladies come to today’s game too? We need the mojo!!!

C’mon Bob. Really? You gotta have cheerleaders in pro football. C’mon man! Don’t be a weenie. Girls are good, Bob. It’s nicer when they’re around… Political correctness gone mad…and what’s the point? Who benefits from all that nonsense?

Good job ladies!! Your pom poms are working their magic already!

The winning streak begins Saturday!!! Looking forward to seeing the alum in the stands!!

I’d love to see your flailing poms!

A friend of mine passed away recently and I was asked to write her obituary for the local newspaper here in Lompoc, California. Her name was Deidre (Dee) Shirley Lonnon. I knew she had lived in Hamilton before moving to the Untied States in 1990 but someone told me today that she had been a cheerleader for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in her younger days. She would have been 75 this year. I just thought I’d let your group know in case one of your alumni knew and remembered Dee. She was a special soul and had many friends here.
Rob Glasgow

I used to sit with a friend of the family who was a cheerleader for the team back in the 70’s. I can mention it to her if you guys an a facebook event or some way of getting in touch.