Checklist of REVENGE

Calgary, ya'll got lucky but we'll see you in the 102


Winnipeg... Youre next!!



Looks like I'm not the only one so darned tired of this talk of the East's weakness that I've come to hate every team out there. Ottawa's loss stung almost as much as it would have if it was us. So close to 4-0.

I'm even happy the Argos and Als beat the West. Not a problem for us, we'll do to what the West isn't capable of, beat the East after Labour Day. :cowboy:

I've been somewhat puzzled and annoyed by all this talk about west dominance. In Hamilton's case, we lost our starting quarterback from almost the beginning of the regular season. Even our backup is now gone for the remainder of the year. We were very fortunate to get Zach back just in time. Our offensive line has been patchwork for about as long. C J Gable has been on and off the injury list. Speaking of which, it's BIG!!!

Toronto has had their injury woes. Montreal has been lost in a mire of coaching and quarterbacking issues until recently. Ottawa is an expansion team...and ..well ..everyone should be aware of what problems comes with that...

Meanwhile, the western teams have managed to avoid those concerns.

NOW, the tables have turned. The eastern teams are getting healthy and some sorting out their personnel difficulties. Conversely, those teams to the left of Ontario are starting to feel the injury pinch that the east has had to suffer through, losing important players to their lineups (see Calgary and Saskatchewan).

Suddenly, the west isn't so dominant.


I'd say I'd agree with you but than you went ahead and said you were happy the Argos won tsk tsk Pongetti :wink:

I didn't mind the west dominating the rest of the East division it kept things close for us. But now it's our turn!!!

We are all witnesses to the new era of Ti Cats dominance :rockin:

As dismal as this season has been at times, it seems strange that we have in fact already beaten half of the other teams in the league (4 of 8). And we have a reasonable chance of beating every other team besides Calgary.

After what Montreal accomplished yesterday, I would not be so sure about Calgary.

One other thing I wouldn't have predicted a few short weeks ago: guess who now has the longest winning streak in the CFL?

Poor Ottawa, losers of 8 and a chance to get of the schnide and they fail at that as well. :roll:

I'm not an Ottawa fan at all. But, even though they lost and are missing some important pieces, they gave the riders all they could handle yesterday. The game was in Regina, not an easy place to win. And let's remember, they are an expansion team.

After the last two games, the greenies should have a LOT to be concerned about.

Well, I'd bet a lot of money that we will not beat Calgary in the regular season in 2014.

Perhaps not, ExPat. But let's remember what happened to them last season in the playoffs, some had high hopes for them then.

And they weren't playing an all powerful western team yesterday.

Smart bet ExPat since we don't play Calgary again this 'regular season' - and already lost our two games against them.

(So smart in fact that I've consulted with the other Pats and we've determined you can be a Pat again - you don't have to be an 'Ex' one) :smiley:

I checked the schedule after I made the post....I missed that point...Thank you for pointing it out...

My sentiments EXACTLY! :thup: :thup: There have been many reasons for the East getting off to a slow start. Ticats also have a good number of new, young players who are now starting to gel and play at a high level with fewer mistakes. So many close losses against the west but we've bested two now and have a chance to put the claws to two more! :cowboy:

Winnipeg. Check

Enter the lion...esses.

I'd say Glenn's trembling right now but he is a tough little dude.