Checking Down: Will Chad Kelly play this week?

TORONTO — Backup pivot Cameron Dukes took reps as the starter in practice for the Toronto Argonauts on Tuesday, according to TSN’s Matthew Scianitti. The Argos have secured first place in the East Division and could be looking to rest starter Chad Kelly in the matchup against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Friday.

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Why is CFL.CA always about 2 days behind 3Down? Pick up your game, folks!

Sounds like the Argos are scured

Bunch of scardy cats!

Looks like the Argos have now found themselves in the same boat the Bombers used to… lock up first way too early and need to rest some and still play some. Not good news for the Lions as … this is a mean nothing game for Toronto. CFL fans across the country had this game highlighted on their calendar but it’s now only meaningful for one of the teams :-1:

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Yeah, you got that right. No one really knows if Kelly will see the ball, Ouellette is playing etc… They have a lot of walking wounded but still have been winning.

Argos may be the deepest team in the league on D. I’d rate the Lions right up there. Both can roll out 8 guys on the DL & often do. What the Lions did to the Elks & Ford was super impressive, with switching spies on him on the go. Never got comfortable.

I’m not too concerned about the Lions at this point. Just beat the Riders. Nothing gets settled this week. If Wpg wins, Lions lose, they play the tiebreaker next week. Beat the Bombers & they’re tied with 2 games left. IF Bombers lose, Lions win, Wpg is 2 pts back & HAVE to win in Vancouver or it’s pretty much game over for 1st. A lot more pressure on the Bombers than BC. From my standpoint they need to win the next 2.

Also it would be a mistake to count a “skim milk” Argos unit out. They’re the defending champs & 12-1 for a reason.

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Thanks Pants… your wise words have calmed me down and yes the ball is in the Lions court. One game at a time and if the Lions can handle their own business they will end up hosting the western final. It’s all up to the Argos how they approach this coming game in Winnipeg… full on or half mast, they are still hosting the eastern final.

I believe you made your post before it was known that Kelly is listed third on the depth chart and won’t play barring injuries. Also confirmed out for Toronto are MCManis, Peters and Oakman. It’s looking now that in spite of Toronto’s depth that BC may actually have the tougher opponent this week, playing a team with something to play for dressing every healthy starter. No gimmes though. I believe both Winnipeg and BC will win.

As I posted on another thread however, this week’s games aren’t that important for either team, although I am sure they both will be trying their best to win. Probably all that matters is next week’s showdown. Both BC and Winnipeg presently control their own destiny but after next week only one of them will. If Winnipeg loses this week but beats BC next week they are in control of first place. If Winnipeg wins this week BC would be in control of first place if they win next week. Same result if they both win or both lose. No question that next week’s game will be the most important game of the year to date.