Checking Down: Shiltz returns as third-string option

TORONTO — Ticats’ pivot Matthew Shiltz will return to the lineup as a third-string option for the game against the Ottawa REDBLACKS on Friday, the team announced via depth chart.

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But no more automatic game threads


As you probably know we have no control over the creation of site generated threads. We don’t know why there are no longer game threads. There are also some duplicated threads as you point out. There is some kind of glitch on some threads with duplicates appearing as with this one. I closed the other one as it didn’t have a category so that one was an error and no doubt why this one was created under the category of CFL news.

I know that when she gets a chance @GridironGirl is working on this but my understanding is that she can’t do anything about it on her own and requires CFL,ca cooperation and perhaps even access. I’m sure she will fill us in if she meets with any success.

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I am happy to see that Shiltz is coming back - but when is Mitchell returning.=? The Cats still have a chance at a play-off spot, but only if the full team is up and running.