Checking Down: News and notes from Week 15

TORONTO — Week 15 is fast approaching and the storylines across the league are rapidly accumulating. Vernon Adams Jr. will be making his first start as a member of the BC Lions, Taylor Cornelius is staying in Edmonton through 2024 and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have a chance to clinch a home playoff game.

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Grammar, sentence structure, spelling, the mistakes never end.

Love your posts, Ron. We're losing our language. Welcome to Babylon.:sunglasses: One thing that caught my eye is the extension of Cornelius' contract through 2024. On one hand it doesn't surprise me given his size & running ability. On the other hand it may mean Jones isn't looking at bringing in a big QB contract next year. A veteran maybe, but not a high priced one. We'll see. :sunglasses:

Cornelius has made some major strides, that's for sure. If anything, he could fill the #2 QB spot but I do believe he is good enough for #1. It will be interesting to see how Jones moves on with Tre Ford, another very promising QB.

I would never call out grammar because older I get the more I mess up, more I forget ... Is it I before E ECT,oh and on phone I don't really understand,eyes not as good,however they could do better job updating stories on CFL CA, Fajardo has not been questionable for Fridays game since his wife gave birth to a healthy son. It's been confirmed he is starting since yesterday morning