Checking Down: News and notes from Day 1 of TC

TORONTO β€” The first day of training camp brings plenty of news from across the Canadian Football League.

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" LB Cory Greenwood and DL Connor McGough were not at practice on Saturday and the team has said that they are both dealing with injuries"
Oh ! Man ! Hopefully the injuries are not long term, but as I predicted in another post, I suspected there would be a number of players (on all teams) who did not prepare properly for the Season and build up to the rough season with gradual consistent warm ups and will suffer injuries prior to the 1st shortened reguliar season game. The reason of course is the long layoff without consistant workouts every day to stay healthy.

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i personally talked to Connor since i'm good friends with him after seeing Danny Austin's tweet about him being injured and Connor told me he will be back soon .

both were put on injured veteran list for now but injured veteran lists just means when they do start taking part in camp they are able to do what they can . in Connor's case it seems to be something more minor based on what he told me

Minor injury ! Great news !

Thanks !

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Your welcome, likely Greenwood is more a concern since Coach told Danny that Greenwood was going to be given limited reps anyways cause of all the football he has played and they were going to monitor Greenwood before this . Dickenson also said both guys will be in the Weight room though.

looks like dave dickenson told one reporter both mcgough and greenwood would miss more then a day or two , seems like greenwood was on the field doing on field workout with trainers today so hopefully Connor is on the field soon also even if its just doing a on field work out

Quote from the Article " Andrew Harris was so excited to his the field he was about 20 minutes early on the turf ahead of practice and says it was a β€œgreat, exciting day” "
Yet he left practise early, then Coach O'Shea said that he could practise today (Mon) and tomorrow (Tue) but Coach doesn't want him to! Aren't the Vets valuable leaders for rookies during training camp ? Don't they also help get the best out of those rookies with their competitive ways? So if he is able to participate then it isn't an injury keeping him off the field with his fellow Bombers! Wonder what it could be that he needs 2 weeks away from the team for ? :roll_eyes: :thinking: :wink: :wink:

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