Checking Down: Adams Jr. takes first-team reps

TORONTO — The BC Lions might get the return of quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. after the veteran took first-team reps in practice. Head coach Rick Campbell expressed optimism about Adams’ chances of starting against the Stampeders on Saturday.

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Going with my heart this week. Lions and Elks are the only Western teams taking a victory this CFL Week. Also Argos move back into the win column. And my BBQ is a huge success on Saturday :+1:

Guess you’ll be barbecuing crow?

Hello Darkness My Old Friend… I’ve Come To Talk With You Again.

I found a recipe that says BBQ’d Crow is not so bad with a nice plum sauce. You have to admit that you got nervous at some point during that game.

Now I go for three out of four with this cfl week… :beers:. Don’t even know who is winning the Friday game… PVRING.