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look at all this nice info that the ^%*(*^%%^^%&*(*)%%#%*( @ damn useless CFL.CA/MRX does not provide

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now I know that NFL average points per team per game is 22.17, and CFL is 25.14, which is pretty close to me.

wouldnt it be nice for it to be just as easy to compare number of plays per team per game, and average offensive yards per team per game. Some, if not many might be surprised at the numbers.

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So basicly once you add in rouge's and conceeded safteys(an absoulte rarity in the NFL) the scoring is probably identical. Considering a CFL team has twice as many possessions per game, then basicly we are seeing alot of punting with many two and outs.... I really hope that something is done to change this.

twice as many, no

about 2/3 of the NFL regular season 2010, I calculated the following. Dont remember how

nfl yds p/g 341

cfl yds p/g 371

nfl scrm ply 63

cfl scrm ply 78

nfl punts p/g 4.7

cfl punts p/g 6.8

These are all per team

I found an article on this site that suggests that average possessions per cfl game is 16

I found many re the NFL stating just under 12.