check this out

for anyone like me who didnt already know this, bc had the most wins in the 80s and the 2000s.

Living in the past are we? ESPN Classics might be the channel BC fans want to start watching, just saying... :smiley: :wink:

so, after 3 decades, adding balt and mont together, here is how we are doing

ESKS 0.607
LIONS 0.588
BB 0.550
STAMPS 0.538
ALS 0.528
ARGOS 0.509
TICATS 0.379
ORR 0.287

hell, dont have to be a bc fan to watch that. I watch every game I can catch from before 2000. Love listening to Lancaster comment and see old favs from many teams.

yo, starbuck, you should change your sig to say, there can be only 12, heh heh :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you didnt look at the numbers did you?

For the 2000's
BC 92 + 51 + 1 = 144 games

For the 1990's
Calgary 104 + 40 = 144 games

10 years times 18 games per season = 180 games

In the 2000's

BC 108 -71 -1
MTL 115 - 65



damn. thats what I get for assumption. Never even occurred to me to check the numbers. I mean, if you cant trust the numbers for a site that calls itself a stats site, who can ya trust.

wonder if MRX had anything to do with it?

anyhow, thanks for pointing that out RO.

They're missing two years of Geroy's stats, he's over 14,000 yards.

Who knows what else they're missing.

I posted this on lionbackers, now I guess these numbers are suspect too as I got them from the same site

as far as I could find out, the top five career passer ratings of QBs that played a significant number of games in the cfl are

Dave Dickenson 110.4
Anthony Calvillo 95.3
Jeff Garcia 94.9
Doug Flutie 93.8
Warren Moon 93.8

Great reads and numbers. 'Significant' - how is this defined along the lines of batting averages in baseball with so many plate appearances?

Funny, but I have thought of that once or twice this long long winter. Thought I'd stick with third time is a charm though. I had something very similar the old knickname I used last year. No one will ever say it is easy being a Rider fan.

Good point though on the old replays and listening to Ronnie doing colour (my favorite guy doing that job) broadcast. If only we Rider fans had more classic games to watch... sigh! :oops:

Anyways I expect BC to turn it around again like they did last year. Though 4th place does sound nice for the Lions. :lol:

I also notice they list George Reed as having less than 8,000 yards rushing, and Ron Lancaster having 28,000 passing yards.

Apparently this site is not reliable.

A wild ro1313 has appeared!