Check this out - lol WOW! (merged)

I was listening to the radio, and heard them talking about a article in the paper, and they were talking about the g.m. for the ticats.

So this guy said ''ya we aren't processing nothing under our new website untill the start of next season but you can still check all our news here, or you can see it at our temporary website mcmahon sports''

I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that name. MCMAHON?

So i did some searching and found

I can't understand this now. So he is for real?

wow, what a surprise.

When was the last time you saw a commercial enterprise on a free advertising based web page provider?

that website is garbage.

I think, maybe, the whole McMahon things a joke and he's just raising the bar a little with this website... or not.

This whole thing is a joke. It's obvious that McMahon has created other personalities on this site such as the author of this thread and all the others that say "hey man it was great to meet you at the party", "Yeah, "Ricky Williams is a great guy" and my personal fav. "Hey man that hot chick we met wants her underwear back".

All these posters have 2,3 or 4 posts and are all in agreement with him. McMahon and none of these bunch ever fight back when someone questions him. He knows if he does argue back that he will then be exposed for what he is, a fraud and or troll.

I must admit that sometimes I get a laugh out of what this guy writes but for the most part it is annoying.

What's the point of this, Mcmahon is either delusional, a troll, or both, why would you think he's for real? Has he ever gotten one thing right? I would never go on a site started by that goof in a million years, but the fact that he has taken things that far proves he is infact a nut job, no offence Mcmahon.

How could he possibly be offended?

but we have to admit…this guy/gal gets responses! :lol:

…it used to be annoying a bit but I find it hilarious now and McMahon is creative…(not that I’m encouraging it of course) 8)

This leak of our temporarily site is not affiliated with myself. But I just used the same because of the future implications the agency partnering with the CFL may have.

The usualself, when on the radio is the same affiliate though, and we would appreciate the same during each path for CFL news.

For those who are inquiring, please contact your local guide for which team you are inquiring about.

The mcmahonsports group have done a great job, and I have met them the past few weeks. Guys like Stein, and Abrusia have joined on.

Bob Kelly, Rod Peterson are on the way.

It's funny now people are shocked, with the new CFL media group. It's great for the CFL, and though many thought it wasn't real. I guess the same time it was easy to think it wasn't.

More details to follow.

Hopefully his posts will stop once the elementary schools open Sept 5th.

Way too much time on his hands with summer vacation and all...entertaining I must admit...quite the imagination.


Who is Bob Kelly and Rod Peterson?

Use your imagination. You had it running wild in your post up there ^^^^^ and while you were thinking of that gals panties.

:o :wink: :o

He should have called them Lief Black and Rod Petterson :wink:

For someone who professes to be in the sports media communication business, they certainly have very poor writing skills. The grammatical errors and the poor use of phrasing is not that of a professional news or media outlet.

Just saying…..good luck anyway….

Thanks for posting about this website, it's priceless. You only have to read it once or twice to realize it's not legitimate. I think you're right, he's just raising the bar. (...and as pointed out by peppertom, his posts lack the proper grammar and spelling that would be a prerequisite for anyone in the media industry)

My question would be who are Stein and Abrusia. I'm guessing Jaime Stein, play by play for the Argos, but who is Abrusia supposed to be? I'm thinking I should know this one....

Mcmahon is clearly someone with psychological issues, who has found an outlet for some of his problems/needs etc. That's great, keeps him out of the post office so to speak.

Read his posts for entertainment purposes, I certainly do. Some of his stuff is true because it's taken from legitimate sources, and much of the other stuff is his creative weavings from his mind to these threads.

Ignore him if you don't like him, it's very easy to do with how this forum is laid out, he rarely will post in another person's thread. (Unless the title has McMahon in it)

But as far as I'm concerned, write on McMahon! :thup:

Nice bio, and they have all the big names on board like ...existing CFL media, and individual team contacts via sportsnetworks..some of our members on your local CFL team radio stations...the leading sports radio and television networks in the country.

All this clout. Sorry I ever doubted.

See guys, your biggest clue that this website is all fabricated is the opening line... BREAKING NEWS. Its gotta be Mcmahon for sure.

Funny! I'm with you on this on ... it's time to have fun deciphering his references a la The Usual Suspects. With that in mind, Bob Kelly could be former Ticat centre Bob Kelley, or Philadelphia Flyer Bob Kelly, but I doubt. It's probably McMahon's trustworthy fellow media personality Bob Kelly, of WOGL:

My sources tell me that Kelly is tired of covering minor league sports in Philly and covets an opportunity to work in the big leagues. Welcome Bob!

By merging these threads, and the author of record being mcmahon... I think the moderators are trying to tell us what a BS'er mcmahon really is.

Self promotion under another forum name... but didn't count on the cross-referencing of his information. :lol:

By merging these threads, and the author of record being mcmahon... I think the moderators are trying to tell us what a BS'er mcmahon really is.

Self promotion under another forum name... but didn't count on the cross-referencing of his information. :lol: