Check the milk cartons for Sheldon!

[i]OK, maybe Johnny is paranoid. Scratch that, Johnny IS.

But, has anyone else noticed that IdealSheldon has been silent for over a week? Maybe he is just on vacation or something. Maybe he helped Duron Carter sneak into McGill stadium last Sunday.

Or maybe him and Lestaf robbed a bank, and are living the high life on a beach "dans le sud". :smiley:

Sheldon and Lestaf, just don't listen to Expos games on cassette tapes when you're on the beach!

Thanks for asking Johnny, all is well. The better question is where the heck is LeStaf? I found the forum not the same without him to add some well needed balance. YMMV. For now I guess I prefer to be a voyeur or lurker, or whatever its called. Well see down the road.

In the meantime Johnny, continue to keep those Crabby Tabby fans in line!

[i]Good to hear from you Sheldon. Yes, Lestaf is missed. Johnny misses his good insights and opinions. Maybe it's Herb's fault he's gone!

Don't hesitate to come out of the shadows, especially if the shid hits the fan! :smiley: [/i]