Check out this website

This website was just sent to me by a friend.


I would take this as a positive sign that something will happen but maybe I'm reading too much into this, I don't know.

I agree all the way Earl, but I just made contact with the person who sent me it and he claims it's legit.
Like everyone else though, I'll wait and see.

You can link to that site by clicking on the Ottawa logo on the top of the page.

Its been there for months!

I agree too, it looks like something positive is going to happen, but I'll reserve judgment until it becomes official and there are no doubts. We've been burned before by jumping the gun.

So who is it? the new ownership I mean.

No-one mentioned new ownership

someone mentioned it somewhere, maybe wrong thread.

Actually KK, (and by the way, how's it going?), reports are that Jeff Hunt (Ottawa 67's marketing genius/ owner) has been approached (probably for President) by one of the prospective owner groups (Goldengate Inc) and he claims he's really interested.
I'm hoping!

Go Riders go!!

I cool with that! that's great news!