Check out these CFL Power Rankings

I honestly think BC is a FRAUD!!!

5-1 with the cup living here? well thought out post cowboy

You guys won the cup LAST season.

Those rankings look OK, except Montreal shouldn't be ahead of Edmonton.

Ok…maybe not a fraud…but come on! Do you honestly think that they can keep winning by the skin of their teeth?

Not after what I saw last weekend :wink:

You've got Hamilton ranked WAY too low. They were competitive in their last three losses, and could easily be 3-3.

As for the running game, who cares who your #2 rusher is when your #1 guy is Jesse Lumsden, the best running back in the CFL?

At this point, I would he is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in this league. You cant call him the beat until he has 100 yd games on a consistent basis. He had a monster night last night, and he has to do that on a regular basis to be called the best, and do it for a few seasons, not just one.

someone sounds jealous

Don't be fooled by yard statistics. At 5-1, BC is the best team. The best measure of a team is the number of wins in the entire season. Only wins determine playoff spots.

Call it whatever you like, but the fact is he an emerging star, but he has to show that consistency to become a truly great back, and to reach the status of a Roberts, Pringle or Reed. Its not jealousy, its just a reality.

as soon as the guy said QB Damon Allen looks good, you know he is on crack and has no idea what he is talking about.... if it wasn't clear before that.

Go Riders!!

Haha! I guess ur right…I just cant wait to see where they have the Stamps ranked after this weeks big win over the OVERRATED ESKIMOS!!! :wink: