Check Out The Scratching Post

Some very interesting reading tonight on the Spec Blog -- comments from, about, and to the father (or someone posing as same) of one of the players released today. Drew Edwards' comments on the exchanges are, IMHO, his best writing ever on the Ti-Cat beat:

Nasty piece.
I hope this doesn't get into the national papers.

This is just sour grapes from the father of the player.
As for the story "getting out", I do not see this as any way being disparaging to the team or the league as a whole.

Wow, this can't help the kid get a chance with another team. Even if the Cats came calling that guy would be barred from the stadium

Who cares about the father? (Sounds like a petulant child. Easy to tune out. )I'm impressed with Mr Edwards' writing and his scruples. :thup:

He should have gone with the 24 hour e-mail rule.

Write an angry e-mail and wait 24 hours.

If you feel the same way after that, send it.

Most people have cooled off before they hit the submit button.

BTW, Joe Theismann on the CFL

[u][b]I don’t think there’s doubt in anybody’s mind that the CFL is big-time football[/u][/b]. It’s just they don’t have the marketing or public relations behind it in the United States. You don’t have that vehicle out there pushing the player names. [b][u]The people in the know know what’s going on[/u][/b], but the casual fans are not as familiar.
More of Theismann's comments can be found here: [url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=66603[/url]

Theismann or Old man Jusling? :roll:

If Julsing Sr. actually did "grew up around the CFL", he would have known that the o-line is typically loaded up with non-imports, and therefore his son would have been competing for one, maybe two positions. And the only way that it would be two positions is if two imports are so good that the coaches can't afford not to use them both, and are willing to eliminate an import position somewhere else on the team.

I have no idea what he's driving at with his comments about "youth". Does he figure that teams should start young players, even if they aren't as good as the older veterans? He mentions a few young NFL players as examples. Does he think that's why they're starting, because they're young? I suspect that it has more to do with the fact that they're good players, better than the others players those teams brought into camp. For Julsing to have been offered a spot on the PR means the coaches thought he had potential, but wasn't quite ready yet to make the team. If he had stayed, he might have had a chance to dress at some point, and then compete again next year for the one or two spots.

I hope for his sake, Julsing talks his father into sending an apology to the team and the league. Because those two letters were like a can of gas and a match on the bridge out of town.

I wonder if the father thinks he is helping his son with this rant.
Referring to the CFL as bush league.(your son got released by a league you referred to as bush)
He certainly should think twice about asking for a reference from Obie who I am sure is well connected and respected in professional football in North America.
I truly hope not, but he very well may have destroyed everything his son had worked so hard to achieve.

I feel sorry for the family, the father really looks like a crying "bush league" baby, to use his rather elementary language. Sour grapes for sure. Suck it up bud and be a man not a mouse, your son got cut, simple as that. If you didn't like the rules in the first place, why have him try out knowing he might get cut and seemingly embarrassing your family as such in your mind? Not a wise move.

Kid needs to lose the father and get himself an agent. Otherwise the kid will go no where fast..


Good Riddice to bad Rubbish and his kid..

He would worry about Practice Roster had he been good enough to make the Team

This is an outrage! :smiley:

WOW, and we thought hockey parents were bad.
This father should guide and support his son at the age he is, not smother and dote on him. The father probably had in his mind that with a couple of veterans over 30 that his son should make the team before training camp even started. When you read his comments everything is "we decided", not "my son decided", probably meant to say "I decided".
Fathers are supposed to correct the course of a child's life on occasion, support them on their triumphs and console them on their losses, not steer the course and beat up every one that has wronged their son.
I don't think the son is learning any values over his father's ranting.

wow, great letter by his dad!!! love it.
Like he says, the Canadian content policy does make the CFL look "bush league" lol, His son probably could have made the team if not for the rules.

Except for the fact that he didn't lose his job because of the ratio. He lost his job to two imports in Jason Jimenez and Belton Johnson.

The father is just off-base. Age alone doesn't determine whether or not you win a position in training camp. As for the CFL being bush league, he's obviously one of those myopic people who think that anything short of a billion-dollar hype machine of a sports industry is 'bush.' His loss, not ours.

I don't always agree with Bellefeuille and Obie's decisions, but I have to think that if the kid warranted a spot on the O-line, they would have kept him.

great letter? Are you kidding me. Virtually all of the so called facts he presented were in fact deceit and lies trying to justify how his son was released. The facts of the matter are that the kid was offered a practice roster spot WITH PAY because he couldn't beat out 2 Americans. The same offer was made to 3 other imports and 1 non import and accepted by the 4. Fact is the kid got cut because he wouldn't accept a pay cut. If he can make more doing something else and money was the over-riding issue than it ws a mistake for him to come north. The final and most damning fact is that he knew coming north that there were a set, finite number of positions on the team for him to get and he accepted that the moment he agreed to come to camp. Complaining about the rules after the fact is simply no class whining by his father and if he has any sense at all he'll tell his father the STFU and apologize to Marcel Obie and anyone else that will listen

The father needs to learn to grow up.

As a parent, I’m very disappointed by the “standard” that this father is setting for his son. There is no allowance in his comments for personal responsibility. Obie has said repeatedly that “better is better” and if his son was better than the competition at camp, he would have won the job. He didn’t measure up in his bosses eyes, and since they are paid to make those decisions, that’s that.

If the father and son did their homework before deciding to sign, then they knew what they should have expected coming in. If they failed to do their due diligence, then they can only blame themselves.

Either way, they weren’t attending a resort, but a professional football camp and it’s business. Should they need to be informed, the final roster is based on performance.

As far as his insults about the CFL being a “bush” league is concerned, I would refer to the comments of Joe Theismann. He actually played and starred in both leagues and would have connections to know how this league is percieved. And if they want to bad mouth the team and the league, I think professional football players are smart enough to tell the difference between genuine mistreatment and whining.