Check out the new RBK/CFL what's your colour??? spots!!!

Hello to all my fellow CFL fanatics… I just checked out the CFL spots on youtube… they got one for all 8 teams and are totally awesome! sure to take a look! The link to My boys of TORONTO the Argo’s is

Go argo’s!

Sweet, those are my favorite commercials right now lol

They are good commercials. Its always nice to know where to find Team / Logo stuff!

My favorite of course is the Riders one. Matty D is BALLIN! :rockin:

I like the Riders one, but my favorites are are the Corey Holmes one and the Argos one. The Riders one is my 3rd favorite.

these commercials suck.

as much as i want to see CFL players in commercials, i was hoping for something better than these.

Not my cup o’ tea. Is rap music that popular in Canada? In America they just beat it down our throats, it gets old.

I agree.....I dislike the commercials, simply for the fact that the music involved sucks for my tastes.

Now if they could replace rap with

Tragically Hip, 54-40, Bryan Admas......

I still like the idea of the commercials, hype your home team.

Sorry, commercials are cool. By far the best CFL player commercials of all time and it's nice to see. Tor and Ham are the best two with Parker and Holmes dancin. They would lose all there cool and young hipness if they were grooving to something like Tom Cochrane or The Hip, so lame guys.

Hey these are great! The music is just fine too.