Check out that ball to your right.....

...looks like they'll be playing the Grey Cup with the ball my son left on the floor of the shed all last winter....makes it a little scary entering the contest if they couldn't spring for a new ball for the advertisement....

It has been said that the Bombers get the most out of the equipemnt they have... I guess that includes footballs as well... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

Looks as old as I am!

Actually I may have used that ball along with my leather helmet! :wink:

I was not aware that dinosaur skin was considered leather! :wink:

Reminds me of that Pro-Line commercial I've seen a few times the past couple of years: the eccentric owner decides for his team not to just wear "throwback jerseys. Throwback everything." Skates, equipment, helmets, etc.

It is better than leather! :wink:

And the ribs are better than beef and pork! :wink:

MMmmmmm BrontoRibs!!!

Anyone remember poor kids footballs?...:rockin: they were those all rubber ones with the rubber molded laces you got at Woolco for .99 cents... they were not all that bad..only prob was when it got a tad cold out they froze catching a curling rock :lol:

Most of these guys don't remember Woolco....

I remember taking one of those woolco footballs right in the kisser in the middle of november when I was a kid. I think getting hit with a bag of nickels would have hurt less.

Yes, those rubber balls were damn cold for sure, I remember very well. But you didn't mind throwing them in the street because they were cheap and wouldn't mark like the real ones.

Good commercial for sure mongo - "throwback everything Jimmy". Imagine if they did that in either sport, ouch.