Check Out "Rank the Units" on CFL Talk - Hope They

If posters on "Rank the Units" in "CFL Talk" on this site know their stuff, BC had better get McCallum some kicking help quick - Lion special teams are ranked in bottom half of CFL on almost all posts - mostly last or next to last - everybody else seems to be signing import punters or kickers - what do they know that BC doesn't?

Update - uh oh - posters may be right -
first preseason games last night - 06-02

CFL averages for 06-02 games

good -
15x19 field goals - 79% (9 players)
McCallum - 2x2 - 100% (tied for top)

not so good -

27 kickoffs (8 players) - 61.2 yard average (including two rookies)
McCallum - 57.3 (seventh out of eight)

48 punts (7 players) - 40.2 yard average (including two rookies)
McCallum - 39.0 yard average (sixth out of seven, above only one rookie)

but at least McCs consistent - always near top in first one and near bottom in last two