check out new retros

they look unbelievable

I love 'em, especially the helmets! Can't wait to see the entire squad in them. The one jersey I hope they never go back to were those black and "red" looking things. They were terrible.

Black and red??? :?

Which ones were they? We played in black with burnt orange TV stripes (shoulders) from '64 - '69, but that was an awesome looking uniform. :thup: It was the "home" version of last year's retros.

Never liked it in the '80s when we played in brown trim. To change from orange and black is just plain wrong. Don't care for the current ('80's inspired) white helmets....and orange pants on the road.

Love these '76 retros that Geroy is sporting! :rockin:

those retros are from 1972-1979

These do look sharp and they have to old logo on the helmet which is a plus. They had these jerseys when puma made then in 2003, but they didn't last. I don't see ppl wearing them at the games either. They just disappeared. I think we have enough jerseys for now. Lets stick with the 5 we have and just keep it.

Go to youtube and look up a game played in 2004. The helmets clearly had orange on them but the jerseys looked like they had red markings on them rather than orange. The jerseys they play in today are true Lions colors.

I would prefer the club played all of their away games in last year's retro. Very sharp!

Much better than the white helmets and orange pants.