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Some of the local media here is finally getting Kelly, most still haven’t caught on that they actually have to do there job and he won’t just feed them what they want to here. If you come to the coaches regular media session after practice, when 4 starters are still injuried or ? for Saturday, and the only question you can repeat is what about the spy stuff, you’re a pathetic reporter. Kelly is smart, he does his job as a coach very well, he expects everyone to their job, the media is lazy and is going tohave to actual do their job.

Read Randy turner’s article in the winnipeg free press today, he is one media member that is finally getting it.

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You mean you had SOME respect for Mike Kelly/Bombers?

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Mike Kelly = Pantload
Media = Even bigger pantload

actually, come to think of it… his non-answer could be construed as tacit admission of guilt. So… I guess he DID answer the question.

You only say that b/c you haven’t met me yet.

Funny how bomber fans have no real defence for their coach/football ops staff, so all they do is hurl insults. Kinda like my little 3 year old nephew plugging his ears screaming “lalalalalalala”. Bomber fans are acting like Rider fans on this one.

That is unny, and your nephew sounds like he needs a slap.

Hey dude, you should think before you post a comment like that.

Here is our attendance since 2004 - 27,853, 2005 - 28,002, 2006 - 26,957, 2007 - 24,758, 2008 - 20,784
At our home opener we had 23,000. Considering our record over the last few years, our fans have shown at lot of devotion :rockin:

just like bomber fans

Those are decent attendance numbers, except for last year, considering your record in some of those years.

Last year wasn`t bad. We were 3-15 and still had a better attendance than Montreal. (In all fairness, they probably would have a better attendance if they had a bigger stadium.)

Metro Winnipeg is over 700,000 people. Metro Hamilton is about 470,000. You can’t compare the attendance when one place has 250,000 more people to sell tickets to. Get real.

I’ll give you that, you guys have put up with some stanky ball over the past while and those numbers really aren’t bad at all considering what they could be like.

Theres nothing to defend. The director of football ops held a PC where they said that this guy though he had been used a scout sparingly in the past did this on his own accord. REALLY I know you guys think we’re pretty dumb out here but do you really think we’d make it that obvious if we wanted to do this? Why would we send a guy who is familiar to your staff to scribble notes in a note pad, when we could send a stranger with a blackberry. This dude was clearly trying to score points and now has royally fucked himself.

As for defending Coach Kelly, don’t worry about it. It’s a non-issue and will be handled internally. :wink:

PS - I will preface by saying Hamilton is a great place to watch a game, I watched Hamilton beat up the bombers two years ago and the fans are very loyal and alot of fun. I remember just walking the streets leading up to the stadium and people are having BBQs and there was a scrum game going on and the people invited me in, even though I was dressed in Blue and Gold...great people. My 4 year old daughter loves football, specifically the Ti-cats and I am cool with that anyday. Don't listen the to chatterboxes, you guys deserve a cup. (We would like one too, it has been a while, so when you do get one, put dibs on us for next year. LOL.)

I am leaning towards this being a very well orchestrated diversion.

I find it incredibly hard to believe a professional scout would be that unintelligent and only own a pad and paper to spy on another team. That point alone reeks of a diversion.

That is like sending a 4 year old with and etch a sketch to a van gough art contest. I have seen some pretty talented four year olds though, no knock to them.

Here is something that may humorously shed some light on the situation.

Jordan02 wrote:
if its "not an issue" what exactly needed to be "handled internally" ? Very Happy

Lord Lyle: What the bleep happened there?
Scout: You didn't get me laptop, blackbery or etch a sketch remember?
Lord Lyle: That cheap bum, Kelly get in here!
Kelly: What?
Lord Lyle: Why didn't you get him some proper spytools?
Kelly: Spying isn't my department, it is Hodges remember?
Hodges: But Kelly spent all our money on the database and having someone scout for leftover napkins!
Lord Lyle: Alright, that is it! Figure this mess out and get that bum to Future Shop in Toronto. Make sure Kerry Joseph doesn't see him there either. Someone phone the league and tell the commissioner that we didn't know he was going to spy for us would ya! Kelly make all this up again next week so our players get left alone.
Scout: So what am I doing?
Lord Lyle: Actually you are fired, your an idiot, be more creative next time you want to do us an unsolicited favour.


I can't believe anyone can think this is some well orchestrated plan to relieve pressure from the Blue Bombers players.

The way I see it, Mike Kelly and his staff just happened to get caught. That's the bottom line. I am not saying other teams don't do it. But I bet the scout figured he wouldn't get caught considering fans and media are allowed to attend and watch practice. I bet he thought having a note book wasn't a big deal because who is to say he couldn't be a member of the media, or a highschool football coach, or just a big fan.

Because the rules are so relaxed in the CFL, he didn't think he would ever get caught, but low and behold Danny Mac recognized him.

End of story.

So now the Bombers organization is on damage control, hence Mike Kelly's agitated state with the media. After what has transpired this off-season in Winnipeg with players and coaches being uncerimonously dumped and trying to trade players when you have little to no leverage, can anyone really be surprised this happened?

I for one am not.

  • paul

I don’t see the connection between releasing or trading players and spying on another team’s practice.

Thats because you live in Winnipeg and by default you’re clueless.

It could be a little indicator of a person’s judgement or lack thereof, lack of foresight and other things of that nature.

  • paul