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I think the Box J Boys are gonna come up with some hilarious comments for Kelly :smiley:

i think we need to bring back the signs given out at a game used a few years back when Montreal was caught doing this

Yes, exactly. His “non-issue…” remarks were non-answers. Uttering the same few phrases which were complete non-answers was just unprofessional. What don’t you understand about THAT, Kelly?

Kelly handled THAT very smoothly. Yep, that was as smooth as his bald head.

For those who prefer not to hear his obnoxious condescending tone, click here for a transcript of what was said. The “Kelly loses his cool” headline was quite appropriate.

Anyway, he’s going to get heckled a lot on Saturday evening.

Why does Kelly even agree to talk to the media if he's going to treat them like dirt and not answer their questions? It just makes him look like a jerk.

He was dying to take them on and show them who’s boss…He attacked them before they even asked the first question. He wanted that altercation, made it happen and walked away exactly like he planed. I understand why they fired him from his College HC job…

The Bombers must be kicking themselves for hiring this assclown. Every week something happens and it involves him. He just can't keep his mouth shut.

The one thing that really gets me from that transcript was Kelly calling the media 'lazy asses' right before the conference even started. I mean, come on, Kelly, would it kill you to show even a shred of professional decorum? You're not coaching a flag football team here -- though I understand you may be confused about the difference, given how many teams up here use the shotgun formation. :roll: There is a difference between being colorful and being an unmitigated horse's ass.

I know a farm where the horses would be offended at your comparison of their posteriors to that clown in Winnipeg............

That was a 'non-denial denial' if there ever was one. And as the reporters noted, his comment was contradictory. If it was a non-issue, then there should be nothing to handle, internally or anywhere else.

Hope the Box H people give it to him: "SPY! SPY! SPY! SPY!..." OR "NON-ISSUE! NON-ISSUE! NON-ISSUE!..."


Kelly's response, posture, and attitude in the interview just made the Bombers sound even more guilty. He neither denied or confessed to orchestrating the spying, but that just make it look more like the Bombers were guilty of sending this guy to watch the practice.

I can't blame Kelly for not talking about what happened, if he's guilty there is not much he can say to the media. While it may have been more appropriate to admit that they made a poor judgement, were sorry for doing it, and would not perform this practice again in the future, this could be even more damaging then just trying to hide the issue.

This guy needs to keep out of the media for a couple of weeks if he knows what's good for him. That kind of circus is just not good for business.

I think that the commissioner will at least be talking to the Bombers and Cats. Whether something happens as a result will remain to be seen. Cohen is pretty public about things, so I am sure we will see him in an interview some time this weekend.


Go Kelly Go, you will hate him more if we win on Saturday.....Keep it up MK....

my goodness.. just saw the Mike Kelly interview. what a clown... "it's a non-issue" he got so riled up.. you could see "Guilt" written across his forehead!!

Hi guys it's nice to see your opinion on the matter, and im sure if it was reversed you would see Bomber fans on the "other" board complaining too. But I truely don't feel like it's a big deal. Like I saw on TSN I cant recall the player but he played for Calgary and said he isn't suprised this happened.. Well the reality is i'm sure EVERY team does stuff like this, our guy just got caught plain and simple. Personally sitting down there and writing notes isn't the best idea. Heck if the guy was writing it on his black berry he probably never would of gotten caught, but I do feel the media has blown this out of context.

And I don't feel that Kelly did anything wrong in the interview. He told the reporters all he had to say on the matter. There was nothing else to discuss. I think it's refreshing to see someone stand up to the media and not try to suck up to them for brownie points. Really it's the out come on the field that matters the most, not to be politically correct durning an interview.

Well said bomberfan85, this spy issue thread thing on M. Kelly is beaten to death or is it? Having said that, gotta like the Bomber (Former Brotherhood of Nasty Eskimo’s) coach; “Anymore questions, are we done. Got nothin to say, Have a good day fellas, we’ll see you at Ivor-Wynne.” :rockin:

Based on what I've seen the last "few" years, you guys should change that to

"The Brotherhood of the Prancing Sissy's" should.

Speaking of the laughing stock of the CFL…What’s up TiCat Fans? Hey how can a team with no fans have a fans site?

You mean ‘come clean’ with the answer that you wanted?


It was a joke… :roll:

Know that first hand, do you?? To each his own, my friend. We are a very accepting group here on

If I were asked the same thing over and over again, would I be annoyed?? Sure. But Kelly gets paid the big bucks to maintain professionalism and he absolutely did NOT do that. Antagoniziong the local media is probably NOT the best way to go in your first year as head coach. Good luck, Kelly.