Check out Mike Kelly on

Unbelievable how this pantload expects us to take him seriously.

Now, more than ever, we need to win huge on Saturday night and shove his arrogant attitude right up his a*s.

Just watched the video.. man! What a loser!

He could not act more guilty. Now I'm convinced he knew about the scout.

Both Kelly and the scout should be fined plus some other kind of disciplinary action. Knowing the CFL head office though they won't do anything in the end. I hope they prove me wrong.

here is the link...

[url=] ... aKkV7ncpnw[/url]

I just watched it a second time. The guy is very unprofessional and carries himself like a slime ball salesman. All he needs is a really bad plaid suit jacket. :slight_smile:

Here is a larger version of the video:

[url=] ... clip193942[/url]

Herb Tarlick(the worst plaid jacket ever) has more class than Doctor Evil. This guy is guilty and who knows maybe he'll blame this on Scott Evil. :lol:
Pat Lynch(the old Austin Powers fan in section 7)

He knows exactly what happened. He probably orchestrated it.

This guy probably has swampland in Florida he sold to the reporters afterwards.

How does a reporter asking, what the standard operating procedure for prescouting gets shot down saying he already answered that question?

He never answered that question. He just kept repeating it's a non issue and that you can't ask anymore questions about it.

This guy is a grade a jerk!

my question would have been...

if its a non issue..what exactly had to be dealt with internally?

This guy is a douche!!! Grade A hope we kill them Sat then we get him in the parking lot he needs a good ass kicking. I hope they end up the laughing stock of the cfl

You guys honestly tell me that if you were Constantly asked the same question over and over and over again for a second straight day gave the same answer over and over that you would not be annoyed

i give full credit to kelly for sticking up for himself and not letting the media wipe their feet all over him uoi can call him an ass a douche whatever all you want

Obie’s reaction:

Herb Tarlek, pictured answering questions about his sense of style wearing car upholstery:


Tarlek: I don't care what anybody has to say about it. It's a non-issue, it's been handled internally with my tailor, and I'm not talking about it.

Q: You constantly tell us you're the head of sales at WKRP, responsible for everything …
Tarlek: Right. Non-issue. Handled internally. I'm not talking about it. Now what don't we understand about that, OK? Now excuse me, I have to age some scotch.

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,

If the only consequence of the teams actions ends up being Kelly getting asked the question over and over again -- then he should be grateful.

For f sakes! He was caught now he should effin own up to it, i dont care if every mosquito in Winnipeg asked him, he should answer and own up each and every time.

And the league needs to come down hard on him and not use some lame excuse saying there's no rules against it.. BS! Take away draft picks, give them massive fines, etc, set a precident that will discourage this kind of nonsense.

Give me a fricken' break.... The question wouldn't have been asked over and over again... IF HE JUST CAME CLEAN AND ANSWERED THE FRICKEN' QUESTION.

As much as I think Mike Kelly is a world-class douche, he's right: it IS a non-issue. Is there an official league policy on spying? When Matthews got caught in Montreal, there was lots of censure, but no alteration to the rules. What exactly does the CFL expect? That coaches are going to play by some unspoken gentleman's code like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? Please. Coaches are paid to win games. If they see an advantage that is within the rules, they will seize it.

The only crime here is the Bomber scout's stupidity in revealing himself so clearly as an enemy spy.

Until the league makes spying officially illegal, these incidents will merely illustrate that it's only cheating if you get caught.

Mike Kelly is the biggest dick, ever.

1'st coach/ director of football ops. to be fired this season!!!!

What a freakin' retard! Caught and tries to pull a fast one through the media!
Good luck on your next job S**t head! ..............used car sales on Portage & Main?
I wonder who passed on the formations and audibles to you last game? perhaps the kindergarden kidz?

Quit now, save your own ass!

AMEN. Guys a total loser and is the most unprofessional head coach i've seen in a long time. Making me lose the respect I had for the Bombers.

i hope everybody brings all this hatred for Mike Kelly to the game on Saturday! :rockin: