Check out Lumsden's hit!!!

Hey all... what a hit by Lumsden as he powers through the Winnipeg Defense... totally awesome!...

watch it now and check out other intense action packed videos on the new FCL Channel!!!!

oppps typo...sorry ....NEW CFL CHANNEL!!! haha

ya it was an ok hit but hebert made him fumble.

Yeah I don't understand why this highlight gets so much attention and I understand even less why its a positive highlight for Jesse.

He fumbled! The hit means nothing if he fumbled.

nice to see someone agree. its the same idea if a linebacker kills the lead blocker witha huge hit and the running back gets away witht he ball, great hit but no play.

Why then does the official CFL rushing statistics show Jesse Lumsden with NO fumbles? Perhaps it wasn't a fumble? To quote Leo Cahill (see 1971 Grey Cup game). "The ground can't make you fumble".

Mike your officially right. How does it feel? my opinion he fumbled...anyways...there are 100's of clips with hits just like that one or better even from 10-20 different backs over the past few years.

Gotta cheer about something in Hamilton doncha? Wait until you play the #1 rush defence in the CFL, 2 weeks straight, in October.


Hey Kel, it actually feels pretty good to be right. How does it feel to be wrong?

Nice run by a good, perhaps great player, but the team should be the focus for Hamilton at this point... You're bleedin' man and band-aids won't help!

Good point billyjimbo. Up until last weeks game the team had improved every week. I think the Edmonton game was a natural letdown by a young team (youngest average age in the league) after a big win at home against the Bombers. How they bounce back in Montreal will say a lot about what the players are made of.

I'm ever hopeful that they have turned the corner to respectability.