Check out Lumsden's hit...incredible!

omg...what a hit by Lumsden as he powers through the Winnipeg Defense... totally awesome!...

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While a solid hit....doesn't hold a candle to Bo Jackson's hit on Brian Bosworth years ago.


I can't stop watching him run Hebert over!

Seeing our sideline jump up and down in amazment is good, too!

He literally ran him over!

i'm gonna take heat for this...but let me start by saying that i am 100% impressed with jesse and finally think he deserves all the credit he gets. its been fun watching him this year and i hope he stays but if he darts for the nfl opportunity all the power to him...i would. having said all this i wouldnt get too excited about this play. the only exciting thing was the nice spin move. the hit resulted in him fumbling. lol. lets not get carried away. anyways let the complaining begin. lol.

he fumbled on the play so it wasn't that nice.

Wasn’t his knee down before he fumbled? If not… our guy recovered it. I liked that play because it showed his willingness to fight for extra yards. He was off balance from just having spun away from a tackle and he was STILL able to run someone over.

i dont know if he ran him over i mean he def got the worst of it but he still got tackled and lumsden fumbled. so you can almost call it a draw. no need to blow your ..... lol jesse has had many more impressive plays than that to get excited for. oh well we need all the good news we can get so i ll try and look at it like the glass is half full. lol.

Why don’t you just s*** on my birthday cake while you’re at it! lol :slight_smile:

Seriously though… it was just cool to see him go head to head with Hebert and knock him on his butt. I know he’s had more impressive plays but there’s just something special about a big collision!

LOL i agree there is no denying that he is a load. lol