Cheatwood Retires?

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There were no surprises yesterday, when veterans underwent their medicals. Defensive-end Tim Cheatwood, signed after his release by Hamilton, hasn't been cleared to play because of knee surgery. He has retired, but can return at any time because the move was made before Montreal's first exhibition game.

Thank goodness Desjardins cut this guy (and his big salary). He is obviously damaged goods.

Good job, Marcel.

poor guy man, he was great here in the hammer

Marcel got absolutely pounded on this cut....I hope this really opens peoples eye to how the fact that Marcel knows what he is doing.

I would sooner remember the great team him and Montford were. :frowning:

And this is why we shoudn't have been grilling our GM back when he let him go. Good job Marcel!

As Grover Convington said in the Tiger-Cat Edition of CFL Traditions DVD, you need your wheels to play. It's a shame what has happened to Tim, but at DE, having a recurring knee problem puts you on borrowed time -- especially at that position.

He was a great complement to Joe Montford to be sure. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

Oski Wee Wee,

The quoted paragraph starts off, "There were no surprises

...hmmm...when he signed Tim, didn't Jim Popp state

that he was he was willing to risk the possibility

that Tim's knee might not be ready
until after the season got underway?

You people may want to sign Tim's retirement papers for him now.

I am going to wait a few weeks. I might be congratulating him
for the hard work he did to get himself medically cleared to play.

Ron he will be back this year but the Ticats were in no position to pay him what he was to get knowing they would have to find someone else and pay them while he was gone.

So instead the Cats decided to pay one person to do the job for the entire year.

Cheatwood is only 28 years of age and it certainly would be unfortunate if his career ended this way. It does appear that releasing him was the right decision to make, considering what his salary probably was. But I do hope to see him playing for Montreal at some point this season. And I'll be wishing him well, except of course in games versus the Ticats. :slight_smile: