Cheatwood now an Alouette

All we were doing is hoping to sign him to a cheaper contract? Coming off an injury like his I can totally understand that. Besides we're 5 months from training camp lots can happend from now til then. I'm sure our scouts in the states are doing a good job of finding a replacement. Montreal is in a much better position then we are to take that risk. I think we'll be fine this year but I think we need to get Corey Holmes more involved. I think if we use him both as a RB and as a receiver out of the back field we can create some mismatches that are in our favour. If we keep him and Jesse in the backfield we can still motion Holmes out and run the ball too. This may help Maas with play action and open up things down the field. We have to use our weapons which are both in the backfield.

This won't be the only Cat's release of this offseason to that will haunt us. Alot of these guys will end up in the east and feel motivated by the way the new regime has cleaned house at veterans expense.

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Look, you can't always be checking your rearview mirror. This is just part of the rebuilding strategy. We're going to have some good DEs in camp, including Josue (who impressed the hell out of me last season) and Collier. RELAX!

The QB situation is what has me worried, we need a legit QB who can get the job done. I never wanted to trade for Maas, but now that it's happened we're kind of stuck with him unless we can find another QB. I'm hoping Williams can be that QB, but only time will tell.

We also need some receivers. Other than flick who do we have? Nobody, that's who. Cat's brass: go get Thelwell. I don't care how old he is, we need SOMETHING to put a spark into this offense. Even if he only plays this season, it's something to get this team going in the right direction, bring him in and then stock up on young legs. Flick and Thelwell sounds like a damn fine 1-2 punch to me.


At least he didn't go to the Argos. I remember reading that he truly hates the Argos - and that unlike many other Ticats, he actually refused to hang out with them off-field. As an Alouette, he has an opportunity to continue hating Argos.

You aren’t going to build a winning program if you keep guys around because you’re afraid that they’ll sign somewhere else and come back to haunt you.

If a guy doesn’t fit in your system, or he eats up too much of your budget, or you don’t like his attitude, or he’s not able to stay healthy for any period of time, he hurts you more on your roster than on somebody else’s. Even if a guy comes back and plays well against you two or three times a year, the money you’re not paying that guy is available to pay another guy or guys that will help you eighteen games a year, and maybe for years to come.

Gee, they get both Belli and Cheatwood. Now they might get Vaughn. Good. Montreal can have ALL our old malcontents...

Doesy ANYONE honestly believe the eskimos have any chance at making the playoffs? Sorry about your luck last year drummerboy. 34 years down the drain...that's where it will begin... :twisted:

Actually I like the Eskies...they're my second favourite team. But don't bring that trash on this site.

From a roughriders fan perspective. I wouldn't worry to much about Popp running to sign Cheatwood.

Popp is no genius. He named Marcel Bellafeulle OC in Montreal. This guy runs an unimaginative and predictable offence. He'll be worse in Montreal. He doesn't have Corey Holmes and Kenton Keith to bail him out there.

I missed the part where all of a sudden Cheatwood was physically unable to play football? For gods sake we should have tried trading him and if no takers cut him during training camp not in the winter.

I missed the part where all of a sudden Cheatwood was physically unable to play football? For gods sake we should have tried trading him and if no takers cut him during training camp not in the winter.
You dont keep a guy you're gonna cut anyways because there are lots of bonuses that player will receive before camp even starts.

Come on A BONUS in this league in our off-season that has any bearing on our team.JOKE Cheatwood was let go for other reasons.Will we ever know?

Maybe that is an additional positive for the team then.